Pulsating Attention and Divergent Thought

Are we more than a series of pulsating attention and divergent thought?

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When you say “we”, do you mean the experience of me provided by the brain? Or the universe as a whole?

I meant “we” as “at the brain level”. I was observing while drifting off to sleep and it seemed that attention and thought are pulsating and inseparable until there is nothing (deep sleep). Eventually, attention/thought re-emerge in the dream state. I suppose it could be like a piece of the “holographic” universe, each piece depicting the whole from a different perspective. The gif of the supernova best demonstrated my concept of attention/thought from last night.

Interesting I think I experienced something similar, being aware of my thoughts while I was dreaming

It’s late here and I want to go to sleep, but incessant thought is keeping me from falling into that deep nothingness. Lots of questions about attention and thought being inseparable. Wouldn’t that be the same for attention and silence? How could silence exist if there wasn’t attention? Is attention the backdrop of all that is? Is attention the essence of beingness? And nothingness the respite from being?

Hope you got some of that sweet nothingness last night. But remember the light from device screens inhibits your body’s melatonin.