People are cruel

People are cruel and have no love in their hearts. War is still going on. How can you love a roten human if he is indifferent and cruel.
Only Jiddu Krishnamurti was holy man and had another consciousness of love. By the way I don’t understand why he has cancer if he could heal people why can’t he healed himself?

People are “cruel” because they live in fear, they are fear. Find the root of fear in yourself so the brain can discern its presence and no longer allow it entrance in the form of thought / time which is fear in the psyche realm. Don’t make Krishnamurti into a god or you’ll destroy what he tried to point out. We are conditioned and our brains need to become aware of it. Especially the “root of fear”.

And the need to ‘attach’.

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Krishnamurti lived a very long and full life. We must all die from some cause.

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