Opening Closed Dialogue Groups to Invisible and Muted Viewers

As it is possible for the moderator of dialogue groups to mute both the visibility of viewers and to mute their ability to speak, I would like to suggest opening the dialogue to anyone who cares to pop in on a purely muted basis. This way you can maintain a closed, limited number of active participants, yet also allow others to be there as passive viewers and listeners.

Hi William. I have some questions, and i think (not sure) these might (don’t know it’s true) arise within others too (you know who).

“If they (William,Viswa,etc…) really have a serious urge to have dialogue or to listen to the dialogue, then why would they had left earlier?, are they really serious to join again or they will again come and go whenever they wish?, are they undermining the dialogues or people or backend efforts taken?, before taking a decision to leave - why don’t they be aware of all the effects?”

What’s your view regarding these sir?

Disclaimer - Please this wanders in my head, and it’s not against anyone.

Thank you