One-Time Schedule Change for Upcoming Guest Facilitation

RE: Kinfonet Dialogues September 16th and 17th.

This is a heads up that Jackie McInley, who was the original Kinfonet facilitator, will be returning as our guest to facilitate on the weekend of September 16th and 17th.

Because the normal time for Dialogue II would be too late at night for Jackie, we’re changing it. The time for Dialogue I will remain the same. Please refer to the Time Table appended to this posting for the time in your zone.

An announcement for the September 16th and 17th dialogues will be emailed a couple of days in advance as usual.


Regarding experimentation in dialogue : it’s wonderful in revealing our habits - like a trip to a foreign land.

I would like to propose another experimental game (in dialogue) : Focussing exclusively on one person’s question - preferably a “real” question, as in something that the person is actually confused about.

And the rules would be (once we have encountered an interesting question) to begin by determining whether we have really heard the question being asked. This would be done by repeating in our own words what we have understood the question to be (repeating the question in our own words).

Once we are happy that we have all agreed what the question is (by this repetition, which is a process that is recommended in Bohm dialogue - ie. its one way that Bohm apparently recommends we engage in listening) - we can move on to the second and final part of the game.

The second part of the inquiry would be to find out what the source of the question is. By which I mean what presuppositions and conflictual ideas the question might be based on.
I suppose we could do so by revealing (via speculation and questioning) what the question implies.

Thats it - the goal is to find out whether it is possible to resolve a question without the habit of merely reacting with our habitual answers and conclusions.

What say you’all?

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I agree
I think I’ll be able to join the upcoming dialogue