On Holiday

Hello all,

Please note that Jackie is taking a break and there will no meeting for the next few Saturdays.

The meetings will resume on a regular basis starting on Saturday October 16 at the regular time.



If I may ask why are these ‘dialogues’ so dependant on Jackie? Is there no one else who has the ‘insight’ or ‘passion’ to run these dialogues while Jackie is away? Have we made Jackie into an authority? Have we become so attached to the group that we can no longer function without Jackie? If we have created nothing but dependence on one person for the running of this dialogue then what does that say about us as human beings? Are we merely turning up for these dialogues so that we can be ‘led’ along by somebody? Why have we become so dependant on some kind of authority outside of ourselves? Why am I so afraid to face what I am on my own? Am I using the group dialogue and dynamic to run away from facing myself actually as I am? Can anyone ‘help’ me face this deep sense of loneliness and isolation that makes up ‘me’ ? I don’t feel any of us really want to face what we are at all. That is the basic truth of the matter. We want to be led like sheep down the same old path of the known. We do not want to face our deep sorrow at all, to actually come into direct contact with it and remain quietly and sensitively with that movement without any escape whatsoever. We want to hide behind ‘words’ because there we feel safe behind the screen of the known. It is no small wonder that very few of us ever deeply change.