Observation without distortion

Interesting talk.

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I liked the bit about the eyes - still eyes = calm mind!

But “is there greed without the object?” I’ll go with no.

Yes. It would be logical that Greed is associated with an object. No object… No subject.

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Someone was worrying about the weight of the unconscious the other day - as in : my struggle to be free of the self is impossible because of all the unconscious stuff of the self controlling/confusing me - what is the point of awareness, if there is all this hidden self that we are not aware of?

We think of the self as real thing that operates in the dark even when no one is looking.

How does struggle and conflict come to an end…if there is struggle and conflict to ‘get there’?
Will struggle end struggle?
.As K says in the video, awareness or “caring” is the only way to end the endless cycle of ‘two heads butting’, the end of the duality in the mind?
But why caring and not condemnation? Is it because with caring, the heart opens to ‘what is’, whatever it is? With condemnation there is a closing, a turning away?

Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word struggle - of course, struggling to end struggling is probably not the best game plan.

My question is : are the unconscious parts of my conditioning constantly at work in the nether regions of my subconscious, affecting my experience of reality? or is it only the present experience that we need be aware of?

The only thing one can be aware of is “the present experience”, and if one can’t be aware of what’s “at work in the nether regions of my subconscious”, then one can not be aware of all that incoherent thought is doing.

It may be that this hidden activity can be exposed, revealed, observed when the will to retain ones conditioning weakens and less energy goes to concealing than revealing.

Only thing we need to be aware of is the current moment/what is. Unconscious will reveal itself eventually as we go deeper and get transformed.

So only the present moment reveals the unconscious ‘as it is’. Otherwise it is just thought thinking about how to handle unconscious(which it cannot).


As I see it, there are memories/scars stored in the brain. They emerge at times in the present. They must be “cared” for, understanding them as you would listen to a child?

@DanMcD In reality I wouldn’t bother. There being only the bubbling up of either useless or useful conditioning - and there being either the awareness or not of this process as and when it is happening.

I am not the child, nor the clever adult looking after the child, nor even the impish demon working away invisibly, I am always working away in full view, in the only moment that anything is in process : this moment.

Yes the conflict has to end. It can only end in the “moment”. No resistance of any kind? End the duality in the mind? Awareness of it IS the caring?

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