New Saturday Dialogue Schedule

To improve its international reach, Kinfonet is trying out some changes to the timing of Saturday dialogues. The main change is that we’ll be holding the dialogue twice on each day.

These changes will begin next Saturday, May 6th.

  1. Currently we have one dialogue during the waking hours of many countries; however, it’s night time in many other countries. Therefore, we’re adding another time to include more parts of the world. This will be done by scheduling two dialogues on the 1st Saturday of the month (an early one and a late one), and two dialogues on the 3rd Saturday of the month (again early and late).

  2. The early dialogue, which is the one we’re currently holding, will be scheduled to start one hour earlier than it is now (new time 3 PM UTC). And the later dialogue will be held 8 hours after the early one (at 11 PM UTC). For the time of the two dialogues in your time zone, please refer to the table appended to this posting. Or simply go to the “Dialogue Groups” page at; this page is programmed to present the times in the zone of your ip address.

  3. If you’re already registered for the early dialogue (Dialogue I) there’s no need to register for it again. But if anyone also wants to attend the later dialogue (Dialogue II), we request that you register for that one too. On the Kinfonet Dialogue Groups page, please click the green “Register” button for Dialogue II.

  4. The UTC times of the dialogues will remain the same throughout the year. This means that if you’re in an area that has daylight savings time, the time of the scheduled dialogues will shift by only 1 hour in the spring and fall. if your time zone does not have daylight savings time, the scheduled times won’t change.

  5. The dialogues will last 2 hours, not 2 1/2 hours as we’ve been doing.

  6. The topic will be the same for both dialogues on the same day.

To summarize, beginning March 6, there will be two dialogues on the 1st and two on the 3rd Saturdays of the month. The early dialogue will be held at 3 PM UTC; the late dialogue will be held at 11 PM UTC.

An announcement for next Saturday’s topic will be sent later this week.

Until then,


Perfect John, such a detailed presentation.
There is one tiny imperfection: next Saturday is May 6th (not March) !:relieved:

Thanks Crina for tarnishing my self-image. I will not forgive you for this!!!

Everyone please note that the new Saturday Kinfonet schedule will begin next Saturday May 6, not March 6th as originally stated.


Good, John !!
I am happy you see your self image even more clear now !
See you all next …Saturday!