My mind is a Path Land (a land of paths), From Sunday Dialogue

The apparent (!) paradox of the limited mind is that it is capable to generate indefinite numbers of paths within it’s limitations.
Conditioning generates more conditioning.
The mind creates infinite ways to limit itself.
The above prompted these questions:

** How do I proceed ?
** What does it mean not to walk on a path ?
** How do I even raise a question while being on a path ?
** Can I even inquire about the pathless land from this land of paths ?


10/29/2022 - I wanted to continue this post, but I do not see a reply, so I’ll post here:

I am on a path to liberation in a land of paths.

The paths were engraved by others for me and I continue to do the same, for the generation to come after me. As I walk, I change paths, and I keep walking… towards liberation.

K says: start from where you are.

  • I say: I am on a path.
  • I listen to K and I stop my walk.
  • What is this “stop”? Is it seeing the whole land ?
  • Seeing that the many paths, crossing each other, lead inside the land ?
  • I am now left with one single choice: To Stop my walk.
  • Then the mind asks: what do I do next ?
  • There is no “next” !!

And this as “far” as I can go in my “Stop movement”.

See you on Sunday !!!

Sunday Dialogue 10/30/2022
During the dialogue, someone asked why do we speak…why do we use words …?

I take Dev’s two sentences posted below, and add (!!) few more words:

“Ideas are brilliant and light the way forward” (by Dev)with the help of words.
“Facts are obvious and worth-less” (by Dev)to the words.

(PS: words generate ideas, but not facts ? )


Ideas are brilliant and light the way forward; facts are obvious and worth-less.

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