Motive and desire

I have read a lot, watched lots of videos, and I use quotations. What I might say about anything, is it truth, or is it a repetition? The truth has its own virtue. It stands in its own place, unsupported. So I see my use of the truth is dependent on motive. Motive is not limited to the individual, it is a common desire to connect, to unite, and we strive to abide by a binding truth. This is the role adopted by the prophets, the sages, and the gurus. It should be obvious, and not remarkable, I have a motive, but we don’t see we are living in disconnect, striving to connect.

Effortless living is not an ideal. It is not a matter of motive or desire. All this moral questioning is the result of standing in belief. The morality invests in a search for a teacher, a leader, to follow, because the way we live is disorder.

My strongest motive was the desire to be the best I could be - to act in the best possible way for my child, the society we live in and the planet we depend upon. The realisation was that I was blocking the way.

Because you are thought? All your actions are based upon thought…upon conforming to thought’s dictates? Thought is limited and totally isolated from the whole, as ‘I’ am divided from ‘you’…‘me’, divided from my wife or child or neighbor. Understanding what thought(psychological) is and how it acts seems to be the ‘way’ to understanding and enlightenment. Otherwise we’re seeking something beyond ‘what is’.

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Yes, because the sole purpose of the self is fear and survival - much too limited for intelligence to act freely.

So I’ll ask the unauthorised question : How do we get a taste of meditation? How can we be free of motive and desire without effort? How can one be free of the known?

The answers are usually based around the words : psychological death, or surrender - but unfortunately, since these are not part of the known, not part of our past experience - we don’t know what they mean.

Don’t avoid meditation - accept the essential mystery, surrender to the unknown.
You don’t know is freedom.

Continuity. Continuity of my pleasure or attachment…my memories…my fulfillment and knowledge, yes, knowledge. Fear is another issue. What is the relationship between fear and desire…desire for more…desire for continuity? I’m not sure I totally understand fear’s role here… in creating ‘me’/self. Or is it that fear IS the self? One facet of the ‘me’…the other being desire?

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Freedom to observe? To learn?

Freedom from. From delusion. No other steps necessary as we are free from the entity that would take the steps;

And when there is fear we cling to the known. We ‘try’ to surrender or we try to become something we are not in an effort to avoid or escape from or suppress the fear. The problem with observing what we are may be that we have so much knowledge of what we are…knowledge of fear…knowledge of what to do about it. We can’t simply say, ‘I don’t know’ what any of this is. ‘I don’t know what is the right action’. All that we know is conditioned by the past…and by knowledge gained from others’ experiences. So there is nothing first hand about knowledge…it’s all from the past…from the past(the whole of mankind’s past) coloring the present.

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Absolutely, spot on . And so much knowledge of everything else that is apparently not us

This is the main obstacle to meditation. The main reason people may even think that they are meditating when in fact - no.
Totally deluded by the known we are. Totally dependant on thought are we” Master Yoda

Mostly we live a busy life. A passiveness is rare. To be fully living, free from thought, is something strange. It doesn’t fit with the ordinary understanding of life. When we might have an interest in religion, or discovering what is sacred, it is approached as another activity in the busy life. Then we are looking at what we like and don’t like, what we think is sensible or not. We might be able to follow some path of alternatives, some pragmatism, but this is where we can’t actually realise motive and desire, because it is the mechanism we are using.

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