Mind and Objectivity

Is the “Universe/Objectivity” Independent of “Mind”?

Here - “Mind” you may take in two situations

  1. Caught in subjectivity/‘self’/'consciousness.
  2. Free from ‘Self’.(i.e. Truth/Eternal Consciousness)

Is this a special question for discussion with experts? I see animals, birds, plants, rivers and oceans, all of that, and don’t see mind.

Always fun to throw around The Big Questions!

Is the universe independent of mind?

No, nothing is fully independent, except perhaps God.

Would the universe still exist if no mind existed?

The universe IS mind. Matter is spirit, spirit is matter.

(These are my current beliefs. Tomorrow I may believe something different!)

Causes and conditions, some obvious, some subtle.

No idea!

‘I AM’ is not an object that can be felt.

Possibly. Or spirit/consciousness is very primitive in non-living objects (electrons, rocks) and much more complex in living objects.

Things arise together. Everything is interdependent. Causality holds, but not in a simplistic way, where 1 leads to 2 leads to 3 leads to …

When I look at the world, when there is mind, this is not looking. To actually see the world, and it is simply there, not for me, there is natural beauty. The only thing I can call mind, is in the mind, but looking at the world, why bother with this?