May Gathering 2023

Nice to be part of the dialogue this morning hosted by John.

This weekend is the annual gathering in Ojai and we can view it online. Not sure if they require registration to watch, but here are links to event and Educational Center’s you tube channel.

Yea, I am watching it live on you tube, or here:
May Gathering 2023 - Watch Online - Krishnamurti Foundation of America
Krishnamurti Educational Center - YouTube

Here is the schedule

Mr. D. Moddy delivered a good speech on Choiceless Awareness.

live now

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“what do you think is the most important thing in life?”

Living this moment freely in Love.

(definitely asking too much) :innocent:

How to allow the action of “choiceless awareness” in our day to day life?

By seeing the fact that the observer is the observed.
Seeing the danger of reacting to my own projections as if they were the totality of what is - is the action of surrender.

PS. Interestingly Mr Moddy speaks of the challenge of choiceless awareness as a space that could allow for insight - so in a way the opposite of what I’ve just claimed. Maybe “unbiased curiosity” is another word for this?

PPS. Excellent questions at the end! Big up to Bruce Lee and the notion that we are water “be water my friend” :sweat_smile:

KFA is live now
I really appreciate their work…:slight_smile:


watch this if you can
nice dialogue, amazing to see the young man "maturity.

teachings in a busy world

:arrow_heading_up: link to the video suggested by crina, which seems to be about educational tools