Mary Zimbalist's Memoirs

Why would anyone bother at all if the opinion is already set in concrete?

If it’s clear to you, why can’t you say why?

It’s not an opinion if you can show why it’s wise and I’m mistaken. I’d rather see whatever wisdom there is in it than the gibberish it seems to be.

I don’t know why you think this is relevant. Woody Guthrie was an effective communicator, a poet and song writer, and there was never any question of this. No one scratched their head or said “Huh?” when he spoke or sang. He spoke to and for the working class people he championed. He’s an American hero.

My understanding, and Wim will correct me if I’m wrong, is that he is pointing to the intelligence of non-action. For example, something priceless such as silence. Non-action would be staying with the silence instead of interfering by naming, saying how beautiful it is etc.

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We were discussing one’s relationship to money and Woody has his take on this.

Here’s what he said about money:

“Just because I ain’t got as much money as you got is a pretty good sign that you’re crookeder than me.”

If he wasn’t speaking tongue-in-cheek when he said that, he must have believed money was “the root of evil” - the less you have, the more virtuous you are.

Yes, who knows? “Do-Re-Mi” is a great song about money and the lack of it.


We owe Mary Zimbalist a debt of gratitude for all she has done for the Krishnamurti Foundations and schools. I just finished reading In the Presence of Krishnamurti, Mary’s Unfinished Book, derived from her Memoirs. It is left unfinished up to 1979, and seems to be a thorough history of K after his break with the Rajagopals.

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