Love? :-)

Empirically, in whatever direction the stream of love flows it only flows in the direction of the Self. The expansion of the Self is all that is dear. The dear one is buried in infantile amnesia over layers and layers of neurosis. Maimed by your failures, by your malice.

We can’t take love for granted. It doesn’t exist in this world.

You can take for granted recitation of K’s or someone else’s words about love but you can’t take for granted what you know little of. You can’t take for granted something you have never had or have.

It doesn’t exist in you. You’re the world. It doesn’t exist in any beggar. After all “this world” is a large dwelling for beggars.

You say:
“Love flows in the direction of the Self.”
I wish I can understand this :point_up_2:t2:but I don’t so if you feel inclined, and inspired feel free to flow some words …

Examiner We can’t take love for granted. It doesn’t exist in this world.

Have you ever felt affection for a pet, a stray dog, a cat, a human being ? That is love. Have you ever cared about anyone, like for example, that the person should be careful about crossing the street or should be careful about the way they talk? That is also love.

This kind of love may not be tremendous, but it is also love. Sex is the lowest form of love, as long as there is no violence in having sex, but affection shown physically and emotionally.
And unselfish love is a higher form of love.

There is almost no one on this planet, except some very nasty people, who have not had love in their heart at least for some moments. The problem with Krishnamurti’s “armchair philosophical” discourses on love is that he takes it out of reach of ordinary people. He only considers tremendous downpour of love energy as true love, or he says where love is you are not. But that is not true.

See , you are taking love for granted. Affection for a particular person or for a particular child is not love. You either love all humans or children or loving one or two children because they are yours is still in the network of thought. Love and thought don’t go together. Thought or the self destroys love.

So knowing thought or the self is not capable of love .
Love is not related to the past in anyway.