Living With Fear

I can’t predict the future…or at least not well enough to step out of the way before it’s too late.

I live in constant fear of what inadequate foresight forces me to face, so fear is just something I live with. Without it, what would I be?

If I had adequate foresight, I would always know what not to do now, which would free me from guesswork, grasping, and confidence, all of which are exhausting.

Because there is no such thing as a psychological ‘future’. Thought created it, a time to become, a time other than the one in front of your eyes. Memory and imagination. Some refer to the present moment as ‘unfolding’, it’s a good term but still implies a ‘movement’ from ‘past’’ folds to ‘un-experienced ’ ones…so the present moment is always the ‘unknown’, our lives play out in it but thought brushes that off by envisioning a ‘tomorrow’ which it calls the ‘unknown’; what’s ‘coming up ahead’ psychologically. It’s always ‘moving away’ from the Presence.

Thought isn’t “moving away from the Presence” - thought, by means of distraction and distortion - re-creates “the Presence” on its terms and conditions.

We could say that thought is wrestling with the Presence because it resents being nothing more than thought. Or we could say that our means of knowing what things mean are worse than knowing nothing.

Why isn’t thought as entitled as it believes it should be?

Does thought have opinions, or is the brain to blame?

But it is more, it’s you, it’s me…what more could it want?

Why don’t we just get rid of both of them…wait maybe keep the brain?

Ve haf vays to get the truth!

Psychological thought is wanting. It’s all it can do.

Dare i ask a simple question (you don’t have to answer it).
What would life be if it is to be foreseen? Predictable? Wouldn’t it be the end of it?

It depends on what one means by foresight. I defined it in this thread as “knowing what not to do now”, which is not knowing what’s going to happen, but knowing what not to do in the moment. Instead of seeing what’s coming, one is feeling one’s way as events unfold, sensitivity.

Or does choice come in?
At least there are these thoughts that it is possible to choose (not between colours etc…) and I am asking where do these thoughts come from and where do they get this strength to abide with?