Living Under the Influence

A bottle of grape juice can’t wait to begin the timely process of becoming a bottle of wine
Because it’s better to be getting better over time than to be going bad quickly

But how does a bottle of grape juice know it needs more time to be better than it is?
How much more about the future can it know before going bad enough to believe anything?

Wouldn’t it be better off knowing the future can’t be known?
Or is imagining the future too addictive to quit once under the influence?

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How ya gonna keep em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree?

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Does the bottle of grape juice have any choice at all? Depending on the bacteria and yeasts present, it will either be wine, sparkling wine, vinegar or moldy…

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The story goes that one day God appeared to Adam in the Garden of Eden who was listlessly chewing leaves from the various trees. God said, What’s up bro, you look kinda down?” Adam looked up sadly and went on munching. Then God said, “I know what you need…a woman!” “A beautiful, knockout of a ‘help-meet’, a real babe! Adam looked up interested. God said “but to put her together, I’ll need some stuff from you. I’ll need one eye, one testicle and three fingers.” Adam thought about it a bit and said, “What can I get for a rib?”


Of course not. And we don’t really have a choice, either…we just believe we do. Belief, the power of suggestion, enables us to live in our own separate worlds as if it’s better than deceiving ourselves.

Our conceit as humans is that we’re not subject to natural processes because we can imagine, invent, and manufacture artificial alternatives to natural adaptation.

An Ode on Becoming?

An allegory?..



Dictionary meaning influence: Power to affect,change or control somebody or something. A person or things that affects or changes something/somebody.

Generally, we allow influences to takeover us, due to our own lack of energy or indifference or capacity or curiosity to doubt and watch the influence. Consciously or unconsciously we allow influences to condition us to believe that to have influence is normal and routine.

We are constantly in our human relationships or experiences, allow influences to dominate to disrupt our ability to be aware of present, in paying attention, to listen. Essentially influences are past (memory), that control the present.

The key to not to allow influences be part of once experience or memory or knowledge, is to live in present, be aware of oneself with other in human relationships. Influences are a result of our inattention or callousness to be aware or being in present moment. Otherwise, it is impossible for any one NOT to live under influence.

Influences of culture, religion, gurus, experts, elders, books, etc are going to condition a human behavior so be aware of the influences.

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