Living Meditation

A brief dialogue between two friends, M and X, open to being continued:

Living Meditation

M: I find that when there is space for listening and not jumping in straight away, that can allow the dialogue to unfold in a natural way.

It’s nice when you feel engaged in the dialogue. Although the experience may come and go, there seems to be an awareness of both experiences as they are present.

X: As one is aware in everyday life….

M: This recognition doesn’t need to be there in each moment, because there is already a knowing of this. Just like you not forgetting your home despite not reminding yourself constantly when you are out.

X: This is so skillfully said. I have been looking for the words that would open this up in a way that could be expressed through the conditioned mind; these words of not forgetting your home has provided the means to express it.

In dialogue there’s sometimes a problem with absolute ways of saying things that can be misleading. An example of absolutism is “complete dissolution of the self”. But it isn’t that the self is completely abolished in time, is it? Maybe what’s being pointed to is a state of being out of time where myself doesn’t exist. Are we talking about living an awareness of this?

The words “not forgetting your home” point to the truth and falseness of absolutism depending on the dimension referred to. It’s about an awareness of any state that is presenting itself.

M: Whatever the state one is in, it’s no different than “what is” in showing up in this constant movement. Which I’m sure you are aware of.

X: Yes I’m aware, but have been struggling with being able to express it.

M: Although this can seem a bit lifeless and not so human to see the very experience in this way, in fact, when the momentum starts to shift and is given space to rest in the awareness, it has a very tangible feel to it, a very human connection. A bit like climbing to the top of the mountain and feeling a bit spaced out, but then coming down the mountain which feels more earthly in a totally new way, even if one is seeing much of the same old stuff. If that makes any sense. Just how it’s seen from here.

X: Seeing all the old stuff newly each time it comes up, “coming down the mountain”, more expressions so very well put, and yes, making sense…. thank you.

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The tide comes in, the tide goes out,
my toes keep dissapearing in the sand.
and someone has just turned on the lights
in the little shack by the dunes