Life is pain

So don’t assume that there is such a thing as bless or ecstasy in life…

Religions have convinced us that there are blessings in life…
How deceiving they are…!

If life is pain, then take some rest, have some proper sleep

It is not if. We are born in this life because a woman and a man slept together. We are born in this life to suffer and do labour for thirty years and then retire and rot… Labour is what we call living. We call labour work!

Mostly this is the fun part.

The woman is in labour to deliver the baby and mostly they forget the pain to do so afterwards.

Even Krishnamurti called his teachings his work. To me his pain was not in doing so but in we not listening or understanding his talks.

Meditate on the statement ’ the thinker is the thought’, you will realise there is no experiencer of the pain, no sufferer who suffers suffering. The suffering is an outcome of division as experiencer and experience. In non-division there is no sufferer, no judge, no analyser.
You will realise that there is no experiencer and no experience, no thinker and no thought. All that is outcome of division, separation. In non-division there is only silence, no mental subject, no mental object

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You say there is no sufferer - only suffering - but you don’t explain how the illusion of I, the sufferer, comes about, and how and why it is sustained.

Saying that “there is no experiencer and no experience, no thinker and no thought”, is like saying, “abracadabra” and expecting everything to change.

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Illusion of I is sustained through thought. Thought has been used as a tool to meet life. It cannot. It cannot solve suffering as it is cause of it. It cannot resolve conflict as it is divisive. Drop thought as a means of living and you will see that there is no division. If there is no division there is no sufferer and no suffering.

You say if there is no division…, but the world is divided by religions and nationalism . If you are a black person in US you suffer economicaly. That is merely àn example. Suffering is not merely psychological, it is biological as well…

Life is not pain all over the world but generally most countries are suffering greatly today…and once the governments suffer , people suffer. I am not interested in ways to avoid suffering but only learn about this thing called “human suffering”…

The outer suffering has been caused by the inner. By inner I mean thought. Once inner thought ends, outer can be responded without division. If these discussions are stimulating the inner, that is it is on thought level, thought discussing, then I think they are also a cause of outer division. Nature is undivided. It is thought inside us as me and thought outside in society, in media, politics, religion that is cause of division.
Are we meeting or discussing on thought level, intellect, division?
If this discussion is just on level of thought it is harmful. If it is not on level of thought but in silence, in absence of me or division it is helpful.
Anyway it is for us to test if what is said is true or false. I tried to inquire and share. As discussion on thought level is harmful and that is may be what is happening, I think I will take a break.

Thank you…

Life is Life. Attachment ii the cause of Pain.

Yes - it might be worthwhile inquiring into why we act the way we do, and have the relations we do.
Relationship with others is tricky - imposing my wisdom by brute force is a cause of conflict - conflict is a sign that something is broken.

Life is wonderful in that it always continues to be a learning process for those that embrace it.

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Why suffer psychologically? Why be depressed ? What is the cause of depression? Is it anxiety? What creates anxiety? It is thought. It is time , becoming. The illusion of becoming.

Thought is responsible for all human mysteries and yet we worship it .Knowledge or thought is surely limited but we look up to it… Why?
PS , not mysteries but the opposite miseries.

Pain is human common denominator. The rich is more in pain and uncertainty than the average man… He has too much in his head… the average man doesn’t have much to lose when he or she dies but the riches do…

This discussion is a breeding ground for illusion.

Basic fact to be recognised is that thought is illusion and awareness is truth.

If this basic fact is not recognised, then any discussion is just thought stimulation. People stimulating and supporting each other’s illusions on thought level in unawareness.

If the basic fact is not recognised then it is better to be quiet and not participate in breeding illusions.

So I have decided not to participate in that.

Yes - the tension is very apparent, its definitely not going well - its probably best that you take a step back. However we must all continue to participate in the world around us. Where does the breeding ground for illusion end, where is its source?

There is physical pain of the body and there is psychological pain of regret. Desire is the cause of regret or depression. Desire is thought. And thought is the thinker…And the thinker is an illusion therefore thought is illusion. See what I am getting at.