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K's last statement: New Questions

It had been years since I had read this text, and I noticed a totally different approach from then: what does this text mean in relation to teaching?

Not the question yes or no ‘got it’ but questions like:

Who and/or what prepared the body? The masters? The theosophical society? Does time have a function after all?

Does mankind have at least a hundred years to go Because we (mankind) will not see it again.

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I couldn’t find the transcript of the conversation between Scott Forbes and Mary Zimbalist when they talked about K saying he was surrounded by people who didn’t know what he was talking about. That, I think, is when he said that no one “got it”. Maybe you can find it.

Do you doubt James quote?

If my memory is still in order it’s also mentioned in: Prepairing to leave’ from Scott Forbes.

But what about the questions?

I don’t think that whatever happened to K (mysterious stuff, I agree) is supposed to happen to everyone else - thats not the goal.
K seems to have been used as a vessel for the Teaching - so no thank you.

" They’ll all pretend or try to imagine they can get into touch with that. Perhaps they will somewhat if they live the teachings. But nobody has done it. Nobody. And so that’s that .”

Perhaps the above statement says that if the teachings are lived, the energy can be touched/accessed.
And look at the emphasis on ‘nobody has done it’. Leaving no doubt as to what he means. :smile:

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It is mentioned in Raja Yoga that the body has to be well maintained for it to withstand the energies which might be released during Yoga, with a well balanced diet, adequate rest etc etc. Not only that but also the person has to live a highly moral life if he is not to become psychologically imbalanced.
Highly moral not in the sense of outward social morality, but inner honesty and integrity.
So K certainly has been well looked after by the theosophical society.
I think psychological time has no place here. But technical time is inevitable.

“Does mankind have at least a hundred years to go Because we (mankind) will not see it again.”

Perhaps,unless somebody really touches that energy and remains sane.:grinning:

So everyone and everything must be doubted exept K.?

That seems to me stuf for folowers.:heart_eyes:

No doubt as to what “HE MEANS”.
Doesn’t mean what you think at all.

Why so quick to react?
That seems stuff for heavily conditioned😍

No. Examiner started this thread because he didn’t believe that K said “nobody got it”…“it” being what K was trying to get across to his listeners. Drax has provided the quote that proves K said it.

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You seem not to have realised that this is another thread with totaly different questions and btw was not started by Drax.

“So everyone and everything must be doubted exept K.?”

All K aficionados felt this way at the beginning of their study of K’s teaching. But eventually, as one comes to realize how mechanical and predictable one is, and how dimly aware one is of oneself, it begins to dawn on the student that the student has been studiously ignoring itself, explaining itself, defending itself, and so on, because it can’t honestly justify its existence, other than to say it exists as an example, as if we needed more examples of ourselves.