Krishnamurti was truth itself

Krishnamurti spoke the truth therefore he was truth.

Malarkey! “Krishnamurti spoke the truth therefore he was truth.” Can truth be spoken?


Knowing what you know about him, do you think that he would approve of being spoken about in that way?

“That way” don’t make any sense in here.

Truth is not for everyone, I know that much.

But you don’t include yourself in “everyone”.

Would you be satisfied if I was included,why so verbal?
Most people prefer to live with falsehood, that is why religions are getting wealthier every day.

Adulation. Idolatry…….he rejected all that. Why not respect that here?

Yes he did but the truth remains the same.

It depends on what YOU mean by that word.

You started this thread so why don’t you tell us what you mean by “truth”?

Suggested topic: what means listening? or better What take place when we are not listening?

Let’s inquire.

Yes let’s approach it through the negative. What does take place? Is trying to understand what the other is saying, listening?

Sorry to interrupt. Yes we have been taught to “listen closely and try to understand”. Which means “pay attention to what is being said”. So you will understand.

What, step by step, is happening when one is trying to understand?

There’s no point defining truth in this k site.

Let’s start it as a separate topic as this is not central to this topic. Do you want to start it?

The dictionary defines “truth”.

Why ask me then…!

It is so odd that in a k discussion group there are so much contradictions…
Does that mean that most of us are constantly sleeping…