Krishnamurti, the Lonely Hollywood Star

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Krishnamurti had many adverse childhood events (trauma), poverty, death of his mother, caning at school, “abduction” by Leadbeater, trafficked to “astral planes”, and then on to other continents to protect him from Leadbeater. Today, in the US, one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before age 18. It affects them for life.

It was good to listen to ‘Truth is a pathless land’ speech, as Krishnamurti was embarking to set himself “unconditionally free” from the Theosophists. Krishnamurti, the man, was who he was. I accept what is, his flaws, hypocrisy, inconsistency, or dishonesty, because there is beauty in much of his works, even if it was the only “gig” he knew.

I’m not familiar with his hypocrisy and dishonesty. Could you be specific?

“The real story is more interesting.”

The story in my head is the real one!
And its more exciting as it contains a supernatural motif.

Inquiry, you’ll find out on your own. But to reiterate, Krishnamurti was a very traumatized youth and that has its impact in adulthood relationships. He was a pioneer in self-discovery and self-help, when he wasn’t in denial.

Beauty, insight, hyperbole, inconsistency, disappointment, beatitude … yes!

We can always find fault with anyone because we wouldn’t be human if we were faultless, flawless, or “impeccable” as the Don Juan character in the Carlos Castenada books was striving to be as he sought immortality, believing that’s what was required to attain it.

But Krishnamurti was interested only in awakening to what actually is - not to what is believed should be - which requires emptiness, freedom from the known.

How do you know any of it is true? People make lies about anybody. Some say Jesus was gay!

Examiner, the biographies have been written, Mary Lutyens, Pupul Jayakar, Radha Sloss, to name a few authors. I cannot possibly know if any of it is true. But it seems to me Krishnamurti’s teachings are the phoenix that rises from the ashes of his trauma. There may be flaws in the teachings, as in the man, but he did say to find out for ourselves.

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His combover is the phoenix that rises from the trauma.
Though I agree : everything has played its part.

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Still looking outside for not understanding the teaching?
Is there are flaws it’s within us, neither in the teaching neither in K. Please wake up!

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let me correct my flaw: If there are flaws, it’s within us!
Neither in the teaching neither in K we can know them at most suspect, they stay unknown to us .

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Yes, unlike the typical comb-over which swoops from one side or the other, K’s swooped from both sides, like wings!

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Could this be your belief? If you say,Yes, you’re no fool. But if you have no doubt that it’s true, you’re fooling yourself.

That’s because K never followed trends. If anything, he set them. His comb over never caught on however. Thank goodness for that.

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It’s not too late to bring back the Phoenix comb-over…