Krishnamurti on Israel and it's Actual History

Krishnamurti: “So there must be conflict as long as there is division. Please, this is a law, it’s not my law, it’s a law - not the law of the judges and the court, but this is the eternal law.”

“Look what is happening between the Palestines, the Arabs, and the Israelis. They are of the same group. They live on this same earth. But one has been trained, educated, programmed to think he is an Arab. Programmed like a computer for the last 1600 years. And the other side, call them the Israelis, for four thousand years. They are old people, like the Hindus, like the Chinese. So they have divided themselves - the Arab and the Israelis,…"

So what is the Jewish connection to Israel? This rabbi explains the history well: Jews for Judaism | THE JEWISH CONNECTION TO ISRAEL

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Honestly, it looks like a long pattern of warring gods and land grabs, and never forgetting the genocide starting with the Canaanites.

This is problem in every home, division and conflict

Duality is the problem and thought creates it all over the world. Russian and Ukrainian, Arabs and Israelites, believers and none believer. Thought sustains duality because it is based on the past nonsense.

The snake in the garden of Eden was most probably recognised as an ancient and powerful god (of valleys, rivers, caves and underground springs) - but cast as a character whose advice we should no longer follow.

American Christians are taught that the Jews are God’s chosen people and that they should obey their God and fear Him. This is why, no matter how brutal and inhumane, Christians support Jews and Israel. We see what K was up against trying to uproot religious conditioning from humanity, a near impossible task. Good thing K was successful with some.

After listening to my first rabbi, I understand the Jews feel entitled to the land because their god created the land and gave it to them. Amazing these beliefs persist today! Then, reading on the people who lived in Canaan before God conveyed it to the Jews, it seems that not much has changed: “In the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the Lord your God has commanded you.”

Religion brings out humanity’s insanity.

Religion, being religious and organized religions are not the same thing, they are different things and they may be a pretext to justify the brutality of your behaviour. Most people in Israel are not Jewish, most don’t care about any religion… and this applies also to modern societies in general. Just see what’s happening in France, for example. People lead mundane lives, that’s all they do. Suddenly, there bursts some sort of a cultural clash and you immediately see a group with one or two protagonists ready to kill other people… as if they cared, as if they were really defending a just cause!!! No, it’s all the brutality inside you that is working and that yes, is insanity, not the religion itself!

What I feel is that preparation of war is constantly going on in the minds of people. War is the ultimate symptom of conflict. But divisions are constantly being created in the mind. Ultimately it will burst open. Same thing happens in relationships.

It may have been an unfortunate division when the UN created Israel in 1948.

J. Krishnamurti Excerpt from The Whole Movement of Life is Learning

"We cannot possibly survive if we are concerned only with our own survival. All human beings the world over are interrelated today. What happens in one country affects the others. Humans have considered themselves individuals separate from each other, but psychologically a human being is inseparable from the whole of humankind…

When the truth of this is seen and understood, one’s responsibility undergoes a radical change, not only towards the immediate environment, but towards all living things. This total responsibility is compassion. This compassion acts through intelligence. This intelligence is not partial, individual, separate. Compassion is never partial. Compassion is for the sacredness of all living things."

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What is going on in Gaza right now? It is appalling what is taking place - inhuman, totally out of control.

Both Hamas’ terrorist attacks and the Israeli response have been horrifying. - They are reporting that 500 people died today in a bomb attack. It’s just unreal.

" Krishnamurti on Israel and…"
Krishnamurti never focused on any one particular conflict. He spoke against all conflicts. Specially inward conflict in the consciousness which is between the observer and the observed , between the thinker and his thought, between the analyzer and the analyzed.

Americans need to get over their fear of the Jewish god.

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Humanity need to get over their fear of any GOD.

Yahweh is bit scary though - comes across as a complete psycho! :flushed: with Kali and Zeus coming in at close second and third place.

It is of the utmost importance to see that the ideal perpetuates self-contradiction, and that through self-contradiction there can be no action which is not corrupt. As long as there is self-contradiction, all action is corruption. Sirs, ‘good’ action in the wrong direction is evil, and the ‘good’ action of a mind which is in contradiction with itself, is bound to produce misery. That is exactly what is happening in this and every other land.

Bombay 2nd Public Talk 27th December 1959


Welcome back Pjor! K seems to be saying here that one man’s good is another man’s evil.

The dictat of the good is to trample underfoot all that stands in its way.

Beware the itch that must be scratched, the God that must be obeyed, the honour that must be regained, the purity of awareness that must be attained.

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As long as there is separation, there is going to be conflict.
Unfortunately as identity is so important, people are going to keep fighting with each other whichever part of the world they live in.

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Anyone who sees through the con of religions would realize that Israel doesn’t belong there. The ruse that the god who created the universe gave the land to the Jews would be upended.