Why do you want to know this? I said I didn’t know. What does matter at all whether I am aware of it or not?

If you’re unaware of the fear, the insecurity, that conditions your response, what are you aware of that draws you to K’s teaching?

Are you aware of the conflict between what actually is, and what you believe should/should-not-be; the conflict that creates incoherent thought?

What does that mean : i am aware.
I can think that I am aware of fear, of conflict etc…
But this is thinking, this is being conscious of …
I think this has nothing to do with awareness.
What draws me to the teachings? The possibility of a complete revolution, change in the human mind., which is needed.

recognising is the word we often use

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Good question. Only the one asking it can arrive at the answer.

I do not think that one can ask for it if you know what i mean.
I’d rather say : it comes and goes and goes more often . Meaning: there is no possibility for holding it. But we still try. Why? Why do we try holding sthg of which we know that you cann’t hold. It seems so stupid.

I don’t know what you mean.

When a question arises, the answer might arise sooner or later, or the question may remain open indefinitely.

there is no possibility for holding it.

There is no one “holding” it. It remains or it doesn’t.

Really? Do you think that one can invite awareness? Then the question arises “who invites?” and we are back at square one.
Are you sure you want to start over? Than we have to agree where we got lost. Or do we procede with that thing which is called awareness , without get lost in the word.

No. Did I write something that gave you that mistaken notion?
I never said or implied that awareness can be invited…it’s involuntary, like breathing or the heart pumping blood.

Are you sure you want to start over?

Where did you get the mistaken idea that I want to start over?
You seem unaware of your confusion.

Than we have to agree where we got lost.

We are not lost…you are.

You say that I am confused. And I am asking you : where comes that from? A misunderstanding? I can say to you : This happens .But a misunderstanding might have nothing to do with confusion.

Review our conversation and quote whereI said or implied that awareness can be invited.

Review our conversation and show where I said or implied that we got lost.

Review our conversation and show where I said we should start over.

Well, i will not bother to review our entire conversation.
So, I misunderstood you and I believe you!
Can you not got over it?
And perhaps start over? Simple question., needs a simple yes or no, no?

Since you’re not interested in acknowledging and learning from your mistakes, it’s best that I decline so someone else can converse with you.

But, Sir, I said that i misunderstood you. (Isn’t this not an acknoledgrment? What do you want, exactly? Could you tell me this?
And another thing before you take your leave,
has one ever learned from his mistakes?
To learn from one’s mistakes implies that one will do better next time, in the assumption that there might be a next time, with the same circumstances, the same you.
Hope you will still consider this question ,
But as we discussed before i am not waiting for an answer.
Keep well.