K : Why don't you change?

What is your personal answer to that Krishnamurti question?

I don’t change fundamentally because I am okay with what it is.,

Change is integral to being. I am, therefore, I change daily.

Unless one understands the true meaning of that word “change” and it’s significance one remains the same , oppositional, arrogant , competitive , dualistic and so on.

“Why don’t you change ?”
My answer:
Because I am not fully aware of what I am doing.
Awareness creates change, or maybe I can say, Awareness is change.


Here’s what K has to say about this:

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I think he says that grasping for, and even getting what we want, or imagine, is just the continuation of me and what I want - thus not change.

He also says, I think, that when there is complete attention, there is no space for what I want.
Also, I think that when we have seen what we are, we drop it like a hot potato.

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“Why don’t you change?” Because the me is always the me. A smarter, more fulfilled, more charismatic me, is still a me - and maybe a more dangerous me at that.

The transformation from being totally focussed on what I see, what I know and what I want; to no longer being a me, me, me machine, is about freedom from, not modification of.

The image I had is that we’re like ostriches. Each of our heads buried in our own personal reality… I suppose that would be okay…but we keep killing each other and things around us. Violence.

As long as I am winning, even by just a tiny bit, then why change?

Just do what needs to be done, to be happy enough, powerful enough, respectable enough, feared or needed enough.

That is what’s going on isn’t it? But it’s a mess. Personally and globally. Interesting situation we’re in.
All those philosophers didn’t amount to a hill of beans!

Beginninglessly, endlessly. ‘I’ am change.

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You’re saying that literally, for you, enough is enough, that you’re satisfied, content. But when English speaking people say, “enough is enough!”, they mean that something has to stop because one can no longer accept or deal with it, e.g., “I don’t mind lending her a bit of money now and then, but enough is enough!”

That is what everybody wants to do but apparently it doesn’t work. That is why we are here . Thought has failed us psychologically.

It works just fine for most people…

Thought has failed us psychologically.

Is thought to blame for the brain’s failure to see the error of psychological thought?