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It isn't rocket science, your beliefs "no other" are showing!

In this thread Observational Inquiry vs Intellectual Inquiry? one had made a comment at #27 and among other things had said, "while the above is simply talk, that too erroneous belief based woo woo". The purpose of this post is to open up what he meant by belief based woo woo.

The world is a ‘fiction’. Everything in the world is an 'illusion’. There is no ‘other’ except consciousness. Human experiences are nothing but ‘thought projections’. Essentially there is no real world except for thought projecting the world.

The above are the essential or the core beliefs coming out from a system called nondulaity. Whether these popular and relatively recent interpretations of nondulaity are correct and do justice (as in correct or incorrect) to this age old system can be an extensive study in itself, and requires a solid familiarity with it, but needless to say the present interpretations are popular among groups that subscribe to these beliefs.

Then we have those that have looked into K and Bohm but leaning towards the latter’s babble since they can’t keep up with the purity and uncompromising nature of K’s teachings, have in their quest to become a guru, created a strange mishmash of all these teachings. In their efforts to sell the teachings of nondulaity they deceptively repackaged them under K’s name, but in reality K’s words have simply been reduced to footnotes and references as can be seen.

Thus we have these knaves with their dishonorable intentions, picking up the words, phrases, and logic from many, including from the writer of this post, having created scripts, going around trying to sell their ‘wisdom’ and to better their scripts by the MO of luring others to argue with them.

This is what is happening. However, the glaringly obvious, perhaps funny or perhaps not so funny problem is, in their zealous and violent propagation of their beliefs on others, they are demonstrating a complete contradiction to the beliefs they are trying to sell. These contradictions can clearly be seen in their vehement and often disguised violent responses to others, even though they claim there is no “other”.

The logical question then is who are they trying to convince if there is no other? Who are they talking to if there is no other? Considering the premise that there is no “other” these actions may be correctly termed as schizophrenic, is that it? In order to answer these questions and there can be long list of similar questions, they will have to fall back on “the world is fiction” theory from the nonduality system, which is nothing but a belief which they have accepted as authority but it remains a fiction for them since they are unable to LIVE IT, as is clearly evident.

Disclaimer: No responses are being sought. Please read this with some salt and stay away from the kitchen if you can’t handle the heat. The post is simply penning some ‘food for self-reflection.’

**Yes, it is schizophrenic, but the assertions in this paragraph are a great example of ‘belief about the other’. ‘Who’ is it that is “failing to live it?” ‘Who’ is it that is “trying to convince,” aside from the human brain caught in the illusion of separateness? A brain caught in the illusion that there’s a “chooser” inside the head, “separate” from the conditioned programming, that is “failing to live it?”
The “world” of the ‘human-imagination’ is fiction. But energetic manifestation isn’t fiction. Whatever the human form “says the world is, isn’t that which it attempts to point to.” It’s no-separate-thing.
Humans aren’t “unable” to live sanely. They’re simply reacting to being told over and over how they “should” be other than they are. It’s the comparison and judgment that perpetuates the schizphrenia, the “becoming.”

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Quite a predictable action-response from the “who”! In any event, this one has already addressed the broken record like redundant scripted points at your other threads. Please feel free to continue these scripted woo woo excanges with others. I am afraid you won’t be getting the rebuttals you are seeking.

**Quite a predictable avoidance of the questions.

Parrots mimic their owners. The owners understand that’s the best they can do, so they are happy to see this rudimentary intelligence. I suppose it’s more entertaining than a rock.

Hello Howard. Comparing and judging others certainly seem to be two actions which accentuate separateness. I think highly competitive societies make living without comparison very difficult. What do you think?

**I think I need to mention that we’re pointing to ‘psychological comparison’, comparing one human being to some other human being, or comparing according to some imagined ideal. Yes, not being able to compare one product or item with another, to find the best one for the task, would be problematical. Or even finding the person who has the particular skills required to do a particular task. But that’s more like ‘discernment’, it’s not a “personal judgment” of the person. It’s not expecting anyone to be other than they actually are.
I also think living together would be far less difficult and chaotic if we weren’t expecting people to be other than they are, and focused on ‘what is’.