It is unfortunate and sad that we have to respect the ego in the K forum

If you don’t respect the ego in this site you get a warning. I like to know the reason that we have to respect something negative.

Forgive me Examiner if I am getting your question wrong, are you saying, in your question, that ego needs no respect, and it is a negative “thing” ?

Why do you think the ego is something “negative”?
Seems to me the ego is something very “positive”, since it is the only way to self-knowledge, without self-knowlege there is no way out.
So, I ask, why not to respect the ego?

This is a very sensitive topic, cause we are egos talking about egos. Ego gets offended by anything, and will try to defend it self.

  • So, how do I even look at my ego without defence and offense?
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Isn’t the ego the stored up thoughts, which is memory, that is the fragmentation that creates division and , inevitably, creates conflict? What is positive about that? Isn’t self knowledge seeing the falseness of the ego? Isn’t it through the negation of the ego that wholeness comes into being? Isn’t the defending of the ego the strengthening of it? Isn’t that moving away from wholeness?
However, even though the ego is a false self, a fantasy, what is clung to for identity, why would that not be respected in others?


Let’s look at the fact: you got a warning (or you might get one). That means the moderator judged something in what you have said to another to be offensive. Now the problem is to know clearly if that was really offensive or not. It seems you are not concerned with the problem of it being offensive or not, or maybe you think that one has the right to be offensive because he has ego?

I have been offensive too in this forum once, out of irritation, and I don’t regret having behaved that way, yet I’m objective enough to understand that the moderator was right in warning me. So what is the problem?

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It’s simplifying to say or imply that the ego is just memory without intention. Memory is not the problem.

The ego, I, me, mine, is desire/fear, hope/despair, etc., a product off thought, an illusion that has been upheld and accepted for so long that few, having seen it for what it is, have lived without it.

The ego can’t look at itself without distorting its reflection, but if it’s serious about self-knowledge, it can learn to look at its distortion without reaction.