It has all been said before

What we might like to think about is the fact that we do indeed have a habit of picking on a few words, a sentence, not realising we have in fact missed the actual content of the communication. So I might understand what has just been written, or not, but automatically refer to it verbally, intellectually, assuming my interpretation is valid and pursuing my way of thinking, not getting the actual content of the communication.
Then we refer back to something we have read, remember some similarities in the words, or find a quote reflecting this. All this messaging is a more often than not, a reaction.
The verbal interpretation is limiting the mind, and then unhappy with this, I act to restore my position; to restore the order. We are constantly choosing a position for our selves, maintaining our way of thinking. This fragmented, selective choosing, is a disorder, not order.
Mostly we are trying to organise, manage, the disorder. Our lives are in disorder, and in disorder there will be a reaction. I will struggle to find order, to establish order, working from disorder.
I view it all in a disorder, to be reordered, and that’s why I miss the straightforward communication, and take the secondhand interpretation is what to talk about.

Me too…


I view all here as myself, and I transmit or send out, and if something comes back, and appears garbled, it is because what I transmitted was garbled, or else the receiver was defective. Either way I don’t have any expectation of being understood as such, but naturally am interested to learn if by any chance I am, or else refine my own communication, which is a difficult thing to pull off of it seems. Then there is always the possibility of mutual delusion. Another way of looking at is that we all want the same thing, but we just can’t agree on what that is!

There is a communication, a communion, with truth, with the straightforward, which is effortless.

But does that involve what is ordinarily seen as two brains, or require two brains which are in truth?

It is in the nature of the obvious.

Usually, both are garbled/defective. Clarity and simplicity is unusual in this forum.

Ordinary conversational and interpersonal talk is a social convenience and can not be taken seriously. For the serious observer disorder is obvious, not requiring elaboration, and is not a problem to solve or overcome.

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