Is the Mind Inherently Limited Or Self-Limiting?

Why doesn’t the mind open itself to what’s new every moment?

Can the mind abide what it can’t understand or comprehend, or must it always defer to ignorance or arrogance to settle the matter?

What does the mind have to lose by understanding itself?

Why is the burden of knowledge valued more highly than freedom?

Is self-knowledge burdensome or enlightening?

Hi Inquiry.

Thanks for asking questions :slight_smile:

May be due to the attachments on the decisions made in life, the mind is not open in accepting the situation like it is. EGO also might be one of the reasons for the mind, in not seeing the situation from different perspectives.

Abiding the fact, that the situation is not well understood in front of everyone requires a humble mindset, I think. Until then either ignorance or arrogance will be outcome in character.

Its attachment towards its own image inside, has to come down for understanding itself.

That depends on the psychological structure of the person and the perception towards reality of life. As the knowledge is the source of motives and desires, it is valued more than freedom in most people around me.

In my view, the thought of freedom from the knowledge will arise in the person, only he
pays great deal of attention to situations in his life.

Mine is self knowledge, I haven’t depended on any one to understand things around me. Still there could be some misconceptions but I have to say that for some part of my life I felt burdening but for last 1.5 years there is a transformation in my thought processes. The answer for the question is that self knowledge could be either a burden or enlighting.

Some of my answers may not hold to everyone as it is just a view, but I am free to investigate on these aspects.