Is Non-Duality Actuality?

Is non-duality actuality or a perceptual change due to neurological conditions in the brain? If non-duality is actuality, then what is the point of discussing illusions of self? What does it matter?

Because we are all in this world together?

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “non-dual actuality” and also how this state differs from “perceptual change due to conditions in the brain”?

When the “I am my body" perception transitions to non-duality awareness, it arrives as absolute truth of being (actuality). Non-duality awareness corresponds with neurological changes that can be brought about by meditation, pranayama, holotropic breathwork, psychedelics, chanting, singing, dialogue, dancing, physical exertion, or near-death experiences. Non-duality awareness can include, but is not limited to, pulsating light, “I AM”, alpha and omega, universal mind, unlimited access, Cosmos, silent nothingness, cellular connection with all and endless change. But at the end of the day, homeostasis returns and I am my body perceiving and functioning within its inseparable environment and non-duality is a faint reference point. Is non-duality a function of the brain, as is the sense of self, or is non-duality Actuality?

The understanding of what experience is, is not the same as having an experience.

Taking a helicopter to the top of mount Everest, is not the same as taking a year to get there on foot, carrying your bag, being helped by your friend, frostbite, hallucinations, and finally getting to the summit. And neither are the same as suddenly being freed of the need to succeed in Mountaineering.

Would the world be a better place if we took a pill and had an experience of oneness?
Or would some understanding of what it means to be me be helpful? If I was freed from all my desires and confusion, would I still need the oneness pill?

nb. not saying one couldn’t take the oneness pill and go to dance class etc too.

The human brain freed from the constraints of its conditioning is a dangerous threat to societies as they have developed. The brain as it is now is like a supersonic jet that is only allowed to taxi up and down the runway? I see it as an instrument of ‘reception’ of the forces that surround it, but limited to a very narrow band or frequency as a result of ‘conditioning’. We see glimpses of its potential in geniuses, savants, seers,etc. And when we try a drug like LSD, in our own.

Agreed. We can find out for ourselves. And that’s it.

How is the brain a threat to societies?

When it ceases to believe in the fairytales of religion, the inevitable conflict created by tribalism and nationalism, the necessity of psychological fear, racism, sexism, classism and all the other isms. When it ceases to follow blindly. When it objects to being used and manipulated, etc.

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Yes, I see how the unconditioned brain could threaten existing societies. But from my perspective, I think it would be good overall. But I am something of an outlier.

Yes me too. Societies need to be threatened.
As in the story of the Christ figure’s ‘threat’ to the ruling elites of Ancient Rome?

And the Christ brain’s message to all the other brains that would listen was , as the story goes, “Be perfect, even as your father in Heaven is perfect”.

A big “if”. Why speculate about what we know nothing about, and can’t know anything about, limited to duality as we are?

Duality is what we know, what we are limited to, so we can’t imagine how an unlimited brain might operate.

Duality is all we know until we stumble upon non-duality. I suppose it is a question that will remain unanswered for me. I will live with not knowing.

It’s a question none of us can answer unless/until the brain realizes how/why it limits itself.

Here’s ChatGPT (AI)'s response: “Some people may experience non-duality as a natural state of being, without any particular practice or intervention.”

"In terms of whether non-duality is a function of the brain or an actuality, there is no simple answer. From a scientific perspective, the experience of non-duality can be associated with changes in brain function and activity, such as increased coherence in certain brain regions. However, this does not necessarily mean that non-duality is solely a function of the brain.

From a spiritual or philosophical perspective, non-duality may be seen as an inherent aspect of reality or existence, regardless of whether it is experienced or recognized by the individual. In this sense, non-duality can be seen as an actuality, independent of any particular subjective experience.

Ultimately, whether non-duality is a function of the brain or an actuality may depend on one’s beliefs and perspective. However, it is clear that the experience of non-duality can have profound implications for one’s understanding of self, consciousness, and reality."

Eminently reasonable response from GBT, which is how it rolls. It explains the two positions in the question: brain-driven and reality-driven. But it doesn’t take sides.

Rick, AI’s response now makes me wonder if sense of self resides exclusively in the brain. We were reminded in a dialogue about children’s past life memories that have been documented. Those memories and senses of self couldn’t have been stored in those children’s brains. There’s more going on than meets the eye.

What dialogue was this?

There’s more going on than meets the eye for sure - that has been demonstrated. It has also been demonstrated that what we imagine is going on in the invisible realms is even more wrong than what we imagine is going on visibly right in front of us.

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Liora’s dialogue on Sunday’s.

Yes, but the “I” won’t have it.

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