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Is K's work valid?

Is JK’s work obsolete, given the extensive and overt ruination taking place in the world? I refer to mental and economic decline, the computer takeover, and increased disregard for human rights in particular. I’ve never seen anything like it. George

Hello George -
Surely K’s work is far more relevant now than it ever was.
I share your concerns about the state of humanity today. When K was alive and speaking, there was at least a glimmer of ability to listen - a possibility of change. Now the self is a ‘sacred space’ - which (to me) is at the root of the total decline.
But K lived through WW2 remember - and things were pretty bad then also. Didn’t stop him.
The only way out of the mess we are all in is to hear and to act from the teaching. There are no short cuts - there is no other way. Can’t wait for anyone else. Just stand alone and do it (through understanding. And compassion, because we are all responsible.)
And welcome George.

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Love this Patricia. And JKs work isn’t anything more than actual reality. So can we ever really say there is ever a time when reality becomes obsolete?

Hello Henry - welcome to you also.
This is good - thank you for communicating.
K said the house was burning way back then. Now… well, it is all too obvious isn’t it.
Yes - K pointed out actual reality - the reality of the disorder of human beings. It may be a challenge to face it, but honestly - is there any choice?
The truth can never be obsolete.

I was thinking too that K’s work is about truth. Not his truth or my truth or your truth, but truth. To see clearly what is the case as we proceed moment to moment, on an empirical level.

K himself or his words were never anything in themselves - they are essentially a wake-up call.

Truth is not a means to an end. No matter how noble that end. Truth is life and life is not about benefit; life, in the sense of existence, just is. It has no sentiment.

That being said, the sorrow of mankind that you mention, George - which is of grave concern to us humans - may have its root cause in the fact that we collectively mistake the false for the true. And thus have lost any sense of urgency.


Henry; That’s precisely my concern you’ve touched on with your question around ‘could reality become obsolete’ - I see precisely that happening in our digital age, which JK only saw the beginning of. I see reality as fused with the human - consciousness, etc. And we’re undermining the human via AI and computer dominance. What is our true world-context today?
Patricia; K himself made mention of the frightening selfishness in the world back in his time, so nothing new there, sad to say… It may be instructive to look at what war is. WW2 was quite different from today’s war [if this is a war, which I think it is] . Implementation of it is now much more abstract and virtual. I think this is very significant and sinister. Mary Lutyens, in the Life and Death of Krishnamurti, reports on K living quietly during the WW2 years, with little public activity. I take that as living quietly when organized murder [war] is prominent, and fortunately I have a rural environ to do that. I’m very lucky, but of course one can live in quiet anywhere if there is a certain insight…Also, I’d say Spirit can never be obsolete - or Truth, if you prefer the word. But such, as a remarkable gathering of energy, may be independent of whether or not there is a human race, also.
Dev; Perhaps I could say we’ve collectively lost the real for the virtual, which I think takes us away from false/ true into a miasma unprecedented. My sense of K speaking was that of meditation in public. I wouldn’t call it teaching. And such is absolutely required. And we’ve indeed lost the special urgency of it, if we ever even had it.
Henry, Patricia, and Dev; I’m touched by reading a sense in all of you of an imbuement of religion, defined as the gathering of energy to see if there’s an absolute good, and towards right conduct.

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Dev spoke of empirical inquiry, and surely that is essential for us today.
Standing out of our own way and allowing truth - or spirit - or unblemished unpolluted energy to manifest.

Does the world context allow for this? One could of course say that one makes the context; makes the world. [?]

George - do we need permission? If seen - it can be done. Requires honesty though…

It’s not about permission, Patricia. I used the word ‘allow’ which suggests permission and didn’t make myself clear. Would you say that if one is intelligent the world or context moves?

Dear George - In all honesty, I do not know.