Is it possible to have only physical problems without any emotion?

Physical problems are inevitable in this complicated modern world. But psychological problems are not inevitable .

I embrace my emotions, I observe them in me and others, emotions will always exist, awareness can naturally heals them and …compassion may or may not arise after an emotion has passed. I welcome thoughts as well, thoughts and emotions are more or less the same. Emotions may be a sign of …misinterpreted sensitivity.

It might be easier to deal with physical health if there is no psychological conflict.

Problem as K says means is “something thrown at you.” Psychologically what is the problem? Is it not fear?
Fear is an emotion that humans never understood it.
So what is fear and how does it come about?

Fear is in relationship to time. There is no fear in the present. Future is the foundation of fear.

So can one live in this mad world without any sense of the future?

Because fear destroys love .

I underwent a 3 hour dental operation once, it was very pleasant (despite the dentist constantly giving my gums a hard time with drills and scrapers) due to the fact that I took some Valium beforehand.

This is of course cheating - I was on drugs. But its possible to be under physical duress (pain?) without suffering.