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Is it possible to communicate in a language free of ‘opinion’

I’ve created this topic as it appears in dialogue that frequently what is said by participants could be seen as speaking in different languages, although the words used are all in English.
Is this difference of language( which results in not understanding or misunderstanding ) because our individual language ( or use of language/ words) is based on ‘opinion’?
If we were to simply talk about purely practical of mundane topics I question whether the languages would appear difficult or ‘foreign’…. So it can’t simply be dismissed as basic education and use of the words.
So, if it is ‘opinions’ that impedes/ prevents real communication….
Can one communicate without our opinions entering?
Or perhaps humanity is so attached to opinions we are forever locked in a ‘tower of Babel’ …. ( all speaking different languages that are very difficult to understand)
We may ‘know’ that our opinions are taken to be our ‘self’ etc etc and all that that implies to varied degrees… yet still remain with our opinions.
Can any of this be gone into with others free of opinion?