Is it important that so many people ignore K's teachings

You see your brother, your friend don’t relate to K . Why is that so?

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I have met lots of people who relate to K, but it is like an ongoing subject of interest, a pastime, a social gathering. It is another part of their daily lives. They will tell you they are questioning K, that is questioning him as a speaker, not in the least understanding the communication. They will tell you the inquiry is important, ignoring why they are here. The obvious nature of our worrying, anxiety, confusion, despair, all of that, the obvious nature of propaganda and competition in the world, is overlooked, and it is just an extra activity.

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Is that what “they” do? Shame on them!

Concern over the fact that “so many people ignore K’s teachings” is a distraction from one’s own difficulty in comprehending what K was trying to convey.

See. All about their own petty perceptions.

Is relating to any person of any importance? We like some images, and not so much the other as long as we keep building our reality only in thought.

K is not important in any sense. He was inquiring together into what is and finding out without authorities. That is the path he paved for truth. We can follow that path or analyze, speculate and argue about it. The action has importance, not the actor.

K said “Truth is a pathless land”, now you’re saying he paved a path for truth.

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To me this is a great tragedy.

I am sorry to say that you are not getting the significance of the question.

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