Is change the essence of being?

Is there any part of existence not subject to change? Is change comprised of perpetual movement and energy at all levels (atomic-cosmic)? Is consciousness an attribute of existence and subject to perpetual change?

You might say that the content of consciousness is ever-changing, but consciousness itself (awareness) is beyond time and space and qualities, beyond change, beyond knowing. ?

Isn’t existence prerequisite for consciousness?

I don’t know. What we think of as ‘existence’ might be a concept that arises in consciousness.

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Stan Grof has said, “Nothingness creates existence.” so maybe its in this direction: Nothingness>Existence>Consciousness. Even that sequence is subject to change. Is change all there really is?

Does this mean that consciousness is in the things? or arises from the things? Which has been the model favoured during the last 200 years at least.

Also “Nothingness” must be different from our idea of nothingness. For from nothingness, nothing comes. There must at least be some forces acting upon somewhotsits for change to take place.

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