Integrating Religion and Science

Is the ‘hidden variable’ is nothing but ‘karma’?

If it is so - and if one can see the ‘karma’ - the ‘past,present and future’ accurate position of an object/event can be known - without theory of probability.

In pilot wave theory - David Bohm tried to convey that -there is a ‘guiding equation’ that shows only one path and not super position. But it is not accepted by the ‘then scientists’ as the theory is more non-local comparing to Copenhagen Interpretation. And David Bohm also couldn’t prove this by making ‘physical’ experiments using schrodinger’s equation.

But what if Bohm is right? - that is, there must be a guiding equation - which is not physical but in ‘eternal consciousness’ and the religious sects say it as ‘karma’?

Bohm also said that, ‘The configuration of wave function in different parts of the universe does simultaneously affect each other - and so there is instant communication which is faster than light.’ But they rejected this too, as nothing is faster than light. What if this ‘instant communication’ is not physical but happens in psych - and one can feel this communication only when the mind is empty?

What’s wrong with being in the present, effortlessly?

Sorry, I couldn’t understand this.

Could you elaborate this, and connect your question to the OP?

Why do I need karma? What’s wrong with being in the present, effortlessly?

Maybe it is karma that doesn’t understand the question?

Okay, Now I could understand.

You don’t need ‘Karma’.

But in my view - if one can see the ‘karma’ - everything physically can be revealed - like the ‘Big bang theory’,etc…which the scientists spend much time and this ‘karma’ can also reveal the actuality of the creation of religions and also reveals ‘After Life’ myths.

And this ‘karma’ may be seen with the Power of Retrocognition & Precognition.

But the main purpose of my seeking this powers is “to find the above mentioned and to share with others this real knowledge and not for money,fame,business,pride,etc…”.

Note - Why I say this as real knowledge is - it is not created by Humans - and it is not known to humanity except to few Spiritual/enlightened beings who lived centuries ago.

You won and took revenge in today’s battle.

Congrats :clap: :joy:

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He never said you “need” Karma.

You. You are wrong. Because you are under the effects of Karma which you call a different word viz. conditioning, nay you ARE karma. You may forget the idea of being in the present, let alone effortlessly! Ha! What an idea!

I am not clear what you are getting at in the OP as well as in the response to the poster above.You were doing fine until this post.You were fitting in nicely in the forum. :slight_smile:

Not related to K’s talks - but integrating ‘K (i.e. Psychology)’, ‘Bohm(i.e. Bohmian Quantum Mechanics)’ and ‘Sayings in Religions’.

In Copenhagen Interpretation - scientists said that "There is many possibilities of directions and so many Super positions - and making probability of all those positions - can reveal the approximate future positions of an atom. But In Bohmian Mechanics - he says that Objects/Atoms/Protons go in a single way and based on a “guiding equations” - the results vary - but he couldn’t prove the accuracy - and so Scientists rejected those.

And so I say - what if there is “Law/guiding equation/Karma” - which cannot be seen through naked eyes - but can be felt in psych when the mind is completely quiet - and so Bohm may be right that ‘The configuration of wave function in different parts of the universe does simultaneously affect each other - and so there is instant communication which is faster than light.

And I also wish to add that,

What K spoke was only “watching the mind” - but no one knows about “how this material universe is created” and “What happens After Life” except some sayings in Religions and scientific facts.

And so I’m in search of “Karma” by integrating all these - and so it may reveal the laws/nature created by the “One” - like how you said in “Boatman Song”.

Indian History says that - Ancient Yogis,Siddhas had these powers - by God’s grace - in way of Bhakthi (or) by Sense-less Meditation for years. They also said many ways to reach ‘God’ - but there is a possibility that the followers would have misunderstood those - and so K would have come to an answer that those are “Beliefs/Imaginations”.

and also - Though K spent his whole life to spread what he felt - but before his death, he himself said no one could understand it as a whole - no one couldn’t radically change.

I don’t know what Religions said was truth/imagination - But I’m going in the way of “Devoting Myself to Krishna (One of the names of Supreme Lord)”- and If he wills/wishes/graces - he may show me and so “truth of this creation and an easy way to reach him may be revealed” and can be shared with all - because I have nothing to lose/gain.

There was a sanyasi called “Shirdi Sai Baba”, who had lived in this way - and shared this beauty in way of Bhakthi with all.

I don’t know anything about “God/Religions” and so I trust and fully Devoted - for the sake of Humanity.

Thanks :innocent:

You have reduced K’s teachings to psychology? Seems like i have heard that one before, some nonsense phrase called K’s psychology. Hopefully you aren’t that…

As to the rest of the stuff…holy smokes! You being serious or this a joke?

Don’t thank me, that wasn’t a compliment. The stress was on the word "were". See what you have done. You have invited the missionaries who on their mission to save the world will start insinuating reactionary threads in response to yours, and will be on you like flies with their virus like scripted, twisted. shoddy K babble. You know the kind don’t you? It might be healthier to continue the way you were. But this isn’t advice, just an observation meant to be taken or rejected with a grain of salt.

Not really. You have built up an image by your own interpretations of what i was saying. Didn’t we have a discussion on your questions there? And refuted your interpretations?

So what is included in K’s teaching - can you list out those?


Yeah i know - and so I said “Thanks”.

It’s Okay - I just gave him what he came for - and that words of “Non-sense/Good-sense” not going to affect me. The word “Non-sense” only shows their own Character - and so I hope they would change soon.

What will happen if I continue that way? - will there be radical change?. Nope - I couldn’t see that till now - only majorities trying to defend/preserve their “self”.

If some one is serious - I will surely continue that way. But why I should continue that way to who are not so serious? - and so in search of the real knowledge for who are not so serious (and) caught in beliefs too (i.e. for everyone)

yeah - thanks again. :slightly_smiling_face:

This one could but he won’t. He will point you to K’s own words, find out for yourself.

Yes - that’s what I’m doing.

Great. Thanks Viswa. :slight_smile:

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What I meant about is - the creation of this universe.

in Boatman’s song - post #5

The boatman says : The primal intelligence burst forth into the infinite spread of space and time giving birth to the gigantic stars. Cooked the planets. Organized them as galaxies. Created the suns. Introduced the spirit of life into a single living cell against the tremendously powerful challenge of the vast inert. Where, with its gifts it faced the ponderous enormity of things, contradicted the insignificance of its bulk, and triumphed. A triumph that was so thrillingly great and mysterious that it still refuses to yield it’s secret. She did not stop there, but defiantly courted difficulties, and by the technique of her art created a creation which still defies logic. She journeyed on from one success to another, from one element to another, from water to air, from the frozen glaciers to the burning desert, reveling in every occasion fighting the giant matter and winning.

Thus we have a universe, a creation; that is intelligently precisely fine-tuned, at all levels of the initial conditions, in the laws of nature, in the constants of physics, and in the forces, to one part in ten to the hundredth and twentieth power, or to less than a trillionth of an inch……

Upto my knowledge, we hadn’t spoke about this - right?

Right. What about it? If you had a question about it it should have been asked on the thread from which it has been lifted.

No - There is nothing to speak about it.

I wish to say that - it may be true - and so I’m in search of God - and to hear from his mouth.

What has been described are known facts. There is no mention in that paragraph of a God, let alone a God that has a mouth. See, this is interpretation working. As is said, you are putting words in my mouth :-).

It is odd, or maybe not, when a question is asked, it is taken to be an assertion, which is condemned.