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Insight/lightbulb moment

What’s one Krishnamurti talk or series of talks where you had a lightbulb moment or received an deep insight into what Krishnamurti was saying? I am interested in knowing what Krishnamurti talks you have found to be most beneficial and would recommend to others?

I’ll start. I’m going to pick the series with “Krishnamurti and Alain Naude 1971/72 Malibu.” I feel like something really struck a cord with me in that series and I just find myself ruminating and replaying the series. It’s hard to describe but I just feel like there is something special in those talks and feel drawn back to re-watch them.

Anyway that’s my pick and a series I would recommend to anyone reading this to go and check out. Look forward to hearing your guys favourite K talks.

This one isn’t a favorite, but it left a deep impression on me because it was here that Krishnamurti said, “The brain must have complete security”.

It took place in Malibu in the seventies. It was a small group with Peter Fonda in attendance.

Are you familiar with this one?

No I don’t believe I’ve seen this one. Is it available on YouTube?

Yes, That’s where I saw it.