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Images, ‘pretending, pretence ,the ‘actor’

There is this ‘quote’ from K.
There may also be be something similar operating at a more subtle level perhaps.
For example… how does one actually feel or think when someone responds (or reacts) to something we/ I may have said, with something that contradicts or ignores what we/I wished to communicate … how do I respond? Is it quickly… which may be like a reflex ( conditioned) or perhaps I feel ‘disappointed’ . The question one could ask onself is whether my response ( or reaction) is because I have an image of myself ( attached to “My knowledge” ) or even an image of what we have become attached to as some kind of ‘truth’ … which needs to be defended…
Just a few possibilities of how I may have various ‘images’, ideas etc… basically ‘knowledge’ which… if I’m attached to… give rise to an urge to defend. Attack “My knowledge “ you attack “Me” which demands instant reaction.
Just a few things coming from Saturdays dialogue. I’m sure there may be many more from others… to discuss or just to ponder for oneself.