I want to ask something

Is there anyone mutate or not after reading K? I can’t mutate…i want to change! I am living like in cage of my own mind. I am not free inside!

Don’t feel sorry for yourself because you could be worse off. There are many who believe they have mutated, and no one wants to hear what they say.

Would you rather believe you have mutated than know you have not?

Really? We want instant mutation just like instant dinner. We must first realize how arduous it is.

“This is quite an arduous task; it isn’t just in a meeting or at a lecture or by reading a book that you are going to find out. On the contrary, it needs continuous watchfulness, constant awareness of every movement of thought - not only when you are waking, but also when you are asleep. It must be a total process, not a sporadic, partial process.”

  • CW, Vol 5, page 244

“To investigate you must be totally concerned, not one day be concerned and the rest of the time forget it. You must be concerned day after day, month after month, year after year, all your life - because this is your life.”

  • 1st Talk Saanen, July 1974

Funny thing is there can be awareness of yourself only as you are, not what you would like to be. So mutation might be awareness of what is, awareness of what you are, it is not change of what should be. So there is no change of what should be in it. It is ending of division. Awareness being awareness of what is and so no division. It is like a mirror which shows you what you are without distortion, without division. Outside people offer what should be, paths, ideas.

What is the mirror in which we see ourselves as we are? That we need to explore. But no one outside can show it. Outside they can offer only words, but the mirror may not be thought, so we might need to find ourselves not from discussion but discover a look in which there is no division. In that mirror observer is observed, both observer and observed are thought but the mirror itself is not thought

I believe anyone can be free

Cause i can’t. I tried. It is like give up smoking. Not everyone can be free of it. They try, but they can’t. I was one of them untill i read Allen Carr Easy way to give up smoking. 10 years i am free from this habbit and i have no desire since. That is ending. Absolute phychological ending brings freedom. And that what i want.

Do you know the difference between believing in something and being open to the possibility of something?