I don't know how people can possibly get together and have fun without using alcohol

I have never been in a social gathering which was fun without alcohol servings . It is extremely boring, it becomes only about food consumption and nothing else…

What is the magical thing about alcohol consumtion that brings people together. Let’s be honest with ourselves and see the truth…

I can’t consume alcohol - it makes me sick, my heart starts pounding and skips beats. It makes me feel awful. Alcohol acts on me like poison.
I guess my body rejects alcohol.

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We know that K never drank alcohol .
But we are totally different from what K was. K enjoyed life without any stimulus and and he lived up to 90 years old with a great health. He didn’t even use pain killer when he had an operation.
My question is how did K deal with pain.
Psychologically he was free from psychological pain but how did he deal with biological pain . He said pain means that something is wrong. And he said if there is no center biological pain is something else.

You should read Mary Zimbalist’s biography of Krishnamurti to read when K used alcohol and how he dealt with his chronic health conditions. She was the woman he lived with the last 20 years of his life. In the Presence of Krishnamurti There is no need to keep delusions about Krishnamurti.

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