I am so lonely

I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to think.

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I read a post and don’t know what to say about it. Apparently there is a desire to say something. Just as there is a desire to have a point of view, an opinion on socio-political issues, for example.

I am so lost and weak…life goes, life passes me by. Nothing that i read in philosophy of Jiddu worked. For more than 15 years i was acquainted with his philosophy. I’m disappointed. Observation - what is it? How can there be no thoughts? I can’t understand. Sorry. I love Jiddu most passionately, but he is gone. What shall i do with my life…i don’t know.

Hi Helen, I can suggest something. You can try it and see if it helps to cope with psychological pain of loneliness.
Sit with your eyes closed. Watch those emotions, thoughts, feelings. You are watching yourself. There is no conflict in watching. The feelings, thoughts are moving in it without conflict. The pain flowers in that silent awareness of watching. You are watching yourself, but the watching itself, the space which is watching is silent, peaceful. It’s like watching in a mirror. The watcher and watched might be pain, but the mirror is silent.

Dada Gavand was one person who listened to K. Then he went into nature. There was no one to ask, no one to tell there. It was only his thoughts and the silence of nature. He watched his mind in that silence. In his autobiography he describes this process. It’s also an interesting read.

I am not active on this forum and am only very rarely here so I might not be part of a larger chain of discussion.


Thank you for an advise. I see myself inside and it is tension. When thought become aware of itself i feel tention.

Perhaps it is possible to look at everything that emerges, the tensions, the loneliness, the weakness with interest?
And not as something already known, negative, unwelcome?

I can’t be happy when I feel negative thoughts and emotions. I watched them and nothing change.

Why you deleted your message?

All the thoughts and emotions, both so called negative and positive, are on the level of words. They are in the area of words and not separate from them. Someone praises you and you feel good, someone condemns you and you feel sad. All is on the level of words. Our psyche lives on words. Perhaps we need to live on another dimension, that of silence. I am beginning to feel that living on words brings about conflict, strengthens the ego. Perhaps the internet is making us more sad, more divided than before the internet. I see people on public transport on their phones. Those who are glued to their phones seem to be sad. Friends sitting next to each other but still cut off from each other. Those who are not on their phones seem to be happier, friends talking with each other, sharing life together. The more time we spend on the internet, other than perhaps for work, the sadder we become.
The real natural world is not made of words. It is silent and free. One way is to rediscover that. Do a digital detox, stop all the bombardment of words from outside, media, TV, news, internet, religious propaganda, political propaganda. Perhaps we are living too much on words and have forgotten what it means to just live, like a bird, tree or what nature is. If we stop this bombardment of words and it is quite easy, we might discover another way of living which is not words. These words are triggering us which is used by media to make us spend more and more time on that level and we never come to peace. The media wants you to be angry, to desire, to fear. All is on the level of words. Words perhaps are a form of mass illusion or mass ‘hypnosis’ or conditioning like we see in religion, sports, politics. Perhaps if we drop that, drop the internet other than for work, we will find peace. Words are necessary for work, but those come from silence.
One easy way to find some silence is to sit with eyes closed or go for a walk in nature. In doing so you are cut off from the bombardment of words by others at least for some time.

Jiddu said to remain with your sorrow, don’t try to escape it, embrace it.