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I am passionate about certain things in life ..am I trapped again?

I have a passion for art and find them beautiful. A quality is there as truth and apart from that i find the jewellery beautiful. I give it it’s place : a quality of truth exists and the self has its place - the anxiety and depression has its place and the fact of knowing it’s consequences has made it vanish, I am no longer acting on that memory. Jewellery / painting /architecture as a passion has its place and the fact of knowing its beauty makes me wanna pursue it, makes me jump in Joy , happiness, wonder. (practiced within the awareness it is a product of memory and has its place … knowing it’s still earthy , impermanent and thus also a quality of beauty i find in it too as this fact is a part of truth ). A layer of state of truth/ being/ issness /meditation on top of self. Am I right ? Am i still trapped?

Surely thats up to you to see? We identify with all sorts of stuff - our profession is often a biggy.
Maybe you can start by looking at why you are asking this question?

I am simply asking i puruse the self from the place it was put at. The issness that demands it be given its place. From that place I want to pursue my passions, art, beauty whatever… result of which gives me a certain quality of joy ( which I know for a fact is still a product of thought) . In this case is it still okay or am i trapped again? The investigation gets a bit trickier when we move on the investigation to the “good” things in life and try to find if it’s still illusion or not

‘Freedom’ is at the beginning of the investigation not the end. If you put it at the end you may spend the rest of your life looking for paths to ‘get you there’, There are none.

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I understand and i am not looking for anything. I am simply asking a yes or no question from observation. If I can pursue whatever I said above ? Aka is my conclusion right ? Is that light? Or am I in another trap again? I am simply asking to point me out .

To my mind, this is the reason that K saw and shared, that psychological problems have to be dissolved “immediately”.

That a mind occupied with the past can never be creative, can never meet the present.

What was your conclusion? Its not clear to me. And maybe, at least as important : how did you come to your conclusion? What is its source? Is it the one you wanted?

We’re all trapped by our psychology, and until we’re more interested in the nature and structure of our trap than in our fantasy of being free of it, we are trapped by desire.

Welcome to the forum, @samruthak_gmail_com, glad you are here!

There is only a fact of knowing as a structure and mechanism of memorizing which is thinking. The moment you hang on to a content of knowledge (psychologically), you are “trapped”. We are very clever in thinking us believe in freedom or non-attachment.

What happens if I question that beauty can be known? And because beauty cannot be known, it cannot be pursued. It can be a cause for an action, but any intention to become or achieve cannot be caused by it. Beauty is not in objects of jewellery / painting / architecture. They can be beautiful for sure, which is however completely different from beauty.

As long as you have a center to want (desire) or to pursue (become), you are obviously in the trap.

Every conclusion is a thought, memory. Those conclusions are the building blocks of our trap. Do not look for anything or not look for anything. Just look what is.

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What is passion? Is it different from being passionate?

Maybe i should rephrase it. i don’t want to take too much of your reading time quoting my previous lines to justify my rephrasing , we all are gathered for one reason and we know that so I’ll make it brief with what I wanna say.

I dont have a desire to pursue it. I simply want to pursue it from a place of being aware with fact of impermance in beauty of things (art/ architecture/cultural beauty/jewellery etc ) . I know the beauty we talk about is self sustaining silence that is living and infinite and is unknown…the thinker ceases to exist . But I’m talking about the beauty in things… It is impermanent, can in no way produce the same beauty the god or the that possess, what the ‘that’ is. but Can’t they co-exist in our lives. Can I not also take an interest in things such as art/ architecture/cultural beauty/jewellery etc and pursue it from that place , Knowing that it has its own place as the self , that it can in no way complete my life , yet still pursue it just cuz I like it ( with non attachment not driving my energy for living thru that but from the silence inside).I think I can…what do you think? Simply put , self is no longer in charge but is simply given its place and pursued from there ( not all self I’m taking about like anxiety or anger , the self of things such as art/ architecture/cultural beauty/jewellery etc ).

I’m pressing so much in pursuing of self when we don’t obv need to Coz it’s not like it is anger or sadness or something, it’s a simple interest on things that surrounds (beauty in things like architecture) us and i want a clear picture of where this earthy impermenant thing stands in the pursuit of life.

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English is not my mother tongue so when I converse in English, I try to peruse words carefully. In order for us to converse together, if you say you don’t have desire to pursue, and in the next sentence you “want to pursue”… it is not clear what you actually mean. Want implies desire. Pursue implies time, becoming/achieving/reaching something… which is thought.

I think I “get” what you want to say. What I want to point out is that the “trap” you want to avoid, is the illusion of overcoming thinking or the sense of self / I. When one sees beauty or truth, there is no experiencer or direction of becoming/time. If one makes beauty or truth into a concept/idea/outcome, that is thinking. It is the trap.

The language again contradicts. You know… unknown. That makes no sense in actuality. It may make sense in our abstract thinking. That thinking is not the thing.

The Beauty with capital B does not exist in any “thing”. You say yourself we are talking about “impermanence”. Is it not obvious that an infinite quality cannot be contained in a limited, fragmented description (word, idea, thing)?

You will never see Beauty with capital B through pursuing an interest. Pursuing an interest implies a process, method, accumulation of knowledge and all nonsense that creates our current corrupt society. And it has nothing to do with Beauty. The trap is not the selection of right object of interest, but the pursuing.

Any time you want, you are trapped. Seeing that will bring about right action, which can be in any field of life including art/architecture/jewellery etc… so if you have that and you are putting your energy into these activities, then just act. Don’t waste time writing dead words on this sorry platform :slight_smile:

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