How is the state of the world today?

Krishnamurti said the the world is going to be more dangerous and that is what we are experiencing today. The new wars that continue endlessly.

Makes me wonder if humanity will ever be transformed.

Makes me wonder if it takes one (transformed brain) to know one.

The major causes of war and division in the world are egoism and prejudice.

Almost everyone is egoistic in some way or another, but this egoism is amplified by the prejudices of misinformation.

But unless we are billionaires who can buy social media platforms, or powerful politicians willing to enact laws penalising misinformation, there is nothing much we can do about the egoism and prejudice of the masses or of the very very few (the rulers and the powerful in the world).

But we can, perhaps, address the egoism and prejudice in ourselves. Even this is almost impossible - but at least it is within touching distance of our own capacity to act.

What happens even among people who are notionally (by which I mean verbally, intellectually) aware of this - such as those of us who have read Krishnamurti - is that our egoism and prejudices continue to get in the way of real transformation, despite our best efforts.

But because we are the world, any transformation we can make in ourselves is significant, and for this reason is worth giving our time and energy to - even if it seems sometimes impossible.

By “any transformation” do you mean any partial insight?

I think, given the state of the world, any transformation is better than none! Even if it is partial.

Just as not every egoistic person becomes a conspiracy theorist, so not every person who has a partial insight becomes isolating and proud about it.

So while there is a danger of the ego taking over partial insights and becoming even more subtly egoic, there is also a danger of neglecting the small insights and transformations that are open to everyone everywhere: such as seeing injustice and doing something about it, being generous when one becomes aware of another’s need, changing one’s behaviour if one sees that it causes harm, etc.

Such insights will not change the world in any dramatic way, but they are part of the transformation the world needs.

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I think transformation is only possible when the brain is not contaminated by the politics and religions . Once over eighteen the the brain has formed it’s prejudices and has become rigid therefore it is too late for transportation.
Transformation is only possible when one is very young. I am sure that there are exceptions.

So the rigid brain can’t leave home while the body is running around like a headless chicken?

Okay Google corrected me wrong ,It is not transportation. I mean transformation which I believe that it is impossible for us who are generally old in here.
Right kind of education is the greatest challenge to today’s human beings.

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Right kind of education according to K is what? Do I know it…