How is Human Nature Affected by Culture?

“You can’t separate the mind from the body. You can’t separate the individual from the environment.”

Sorry - I haven’t watched the video - but all our knowledge, and thus the world we see, does seem to be culture dependant.

For example, if we put a couple of Oxford professors on the ice in the North pole, all they will see is a frozen desert wasteland, and both would die of cold and starvation in a couple of days. However, if a couple of native Inuits happen by, they would show them what a lovely thriving place their homeland is, and how delicious and abundant all the free food is.

In this video, Dr. Mate discussed how appalled Europeans were that the aboriginal people of Canada did not hit their kids, nor let them cry. Dr. Mate is considered a trauma and addiction expert and has been featured several times in KFA podcasts. The Immeasurable

If there is a real ‘caring’ for the child, you don’t let it suffer. You attend to the cause of the suffering and you do what is necessary to end it. Applying a rule like ‘spare the rod…etc “ is cruelty. Awareness of the child and its real need of the moment is sacrificed to a brutal

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Don’t forget the stupidity of being too cowed by the brutality of domestication, to abandon the flock and flee.

Despite being born into a brutal environment that is hell for babies, we’re hell-bent on making more.