Has anybody in this forum actually lived the teachings

Living the teachings is to DO what k says to do…

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Like an obedient slave…

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So you don’t listen to K, no problem be that way…

According to K, the teacher disciple relationship destroys both of them.

This is very odd, you think K was a commercial teacher !

I have lived the teaching 100%. K said “Find out for yourself.” Exactly what I do every day!!


Find out “what” for yourself. We tend to look at the world through a black or white lens which is totally false…

Before going into this question, which I consider as a most serious question, one has to ask oneself whether there is a division between me and the teachings i.e. are the teachings apart from me or am I the teachings?
It might be worth its while to go into this.
As far as I can see there seems to be a huge difference and by exploring together we might find out what this difference might be.
So, be free to join me in this.

Division implies separation. If we can define (for the moment) what the teachings are . Then we may be able to discuss them.
What is K’s work which we call the teachings.
The conflict happens when we do the opposite of the teachings and carry on with the pleasure/pain continuity phenomenon.

To live the teachings:

To be totally aware of the way one acts and reacts in daily living, aware of self and thought influencing action/reactions. Not becoming something. Ending everything every moment every day.


I assume that we are more or less familiar with the teachings.
So… we will have wondered how to approach this totally new kind of thinking. Let’s face it : we are not accostumed to hearing and reading and talking about this.
So K comes into our life and nothing will ever br thre same., which is exactly what he wants from us.
We are looking whether we are aware of it or not for a reward, simply because we have been conditioned to do so. But never mind says the old man : just look at it.
Do I come near the essence of the teachingd?

Yes, just look at it and maybe the game that thought is playing might be glimpsed.

Glimpsing is the way to watch the game without seeing it for what it is.

When glimpsing ends, it’s game-over…for good.

So you’ve done it! Game over! For good! :thinking:

No. I’m speculating, and I like the phrase “game-over for good”.

Maybe that should be the next T-shirt:


You can take the wings from the birds
So that they can’t fly
You can take away the ocean’s roar
And leave just a sigh
But please don’t take my ‘glimpses’
From me.

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No one can take what you must have until you don’t need it.

Yes, that is real yoga, not becoming. Dying to pleasure is difficult, not everyone is capable of.

Is merely doing what K said to do not a superficial way of “living the teachings”? Would there be any authenticity in conducting one’s life in such a way, to do according to someone else’s instructions? But then, was K teaching when he spoke to his listeners? If he was being true to himself every time he said, “We are investigating together, communicating together, sharing together…”, then he was not teaching, and it would seem odd and perhaps contradictory if he would give the impression of teaching and then say, “Be a light to yourself”. But if in the listening the listener is seeking to learn something from what is being said then the words could be taken as teachings. In an ordinary classroom setting the teacher may say to the pupils, “I teach, you learn”; but K’s approach was entirely different, he invited his listeners to find out for themselves as he spoke. Anyone can fulfill in life anything of what K said, fulfill not in the way of imitation or by the force of will, but actually and authentically, not because of having learned something from K or because of a desire to fulfill, but because of having understood, then fulfillment will follow automatically.

Even the idea that I should try and live the teachings; put the teachings into practise, sounds a bit fishy to me. I suspect some motive!

Only one motive is capable of leading to freedom from the known : Love.

Or if that sounds a bit wishy washy, then instead of love maybe I should say : the refusal to be the cause of suffering in the world.

Of course, stuff needs to happen before such strange thoughts take hold in someone’s brain.