What did K’s teachings taught us (me and you) about happiness?

As far as I remember K said that happiness which is a positive feeling has to be approached negatively…

We know that happiness can not be approached positively according to the teachings…

Happiness (as in pleasure) and unhappiness (as in the movement away from discomfort) are 2 sides of the same coin. The coin known as self/suffering.

Unhappiness or boredom, is the state that we are in. Happiness is an idea, the fact is despair, sorrow , sense of helplessness. The house is burning and we can’t help it …as K said the world is becoming more more dangerous to live in.

So I have to understand sorrow, unhappiness, hopelessness ,despair. It is not my despair , it is humanity’s despair that I have to understand and therefore be free from it in myself or in my mind. It is great that each of us have humanity engraved in US.

Happiness is only a word.

What is important is to see what the word refers to. Happiness and health go together. A man who has cancer cannot possibly be happy.