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Getting Better

Once you’ve lost all hope for your future
You can only hope to get better at being here now
And once you realize there’s no better way to be here now
Than to forget about getting
You have nothing better to do

Hii Inquiry,

I think every one of us will face some sort of convoluted situation in our life. Which may affect the “self” inside in one or another way. If the image of self inside the head is able to die every day, then there will be room for getting better in life.

This is just my view and it could be one of my verbal statements. :slight_smile:

Please share your insight

My “image of self” dies every moment and revives every moment as an updated image.

Okay, maybe I am messing it up. Let’s go like this

What kind of situations will make us realize that image is creating problems?

Every time your image of yourself or another is not supported by the evidence.

I realize, when there is some sort of hypothetical imagination related to the situation I faced is happening inside. It is almost same as you said.

Now another question,

What is effect of this realization on the image, inside the mind?

We can discuss, if you are interested “Inquiry”.:slight_smile:

I’m not sure what your question is and I don’t want to interpret it. Can you state it clearly?


My question is like this,

What will happen inside, when the mind realizes that image(The EGO)-related thoughts are occurring?

You learn to discern the difference between thinking about yourself and thinking about necessary practical concerns.

Exactly, we both are in the same understanding now in this point.

Going back to the main point, I have said.

What does the death of the image refer to in this context?

My answer is like this,

Accepting the failure or a conflict happening inside my mind is due to my lack of awareness of the situation. (Not played well in the game of life)

Do you agree with what I said?

Tell me if I am missing something :slight_smile:

If you feel you are insufficiently aware, attend more closely. Find out what it takes. Maybe your diet isn’t right for you. Maybe you don’t get enough exercise or breathe fresh air. Maybe you’re too distracted by obligations, expectations, ambition, habituation. Find out what’s competing with your need for self-knowledge.

May be any of the above, could be the reason for the outcome of failure or a conflict in the situation.

Now I am saying that, next time while taking decision or performing an action in similar kind of situation there will be some sort of improvement because the mind is bit aware compared to the previous case.

Will you agree on that?

“Getting Better” was about the paradox of how not trying to get better can be the best thing to do; how quitting can be more beneficial than persisting; how improvement can come when seeking improvement ceases. The best is less, so to speak.

I did not understand, can you explain in a different way. Maybe, I misunderstood the whole topic of “getting better” then.

“My point is that, accepting the situations which leads to inner conflict or failure is due to lack of awareness will make the mind open to more possibilities. Such that there will be room for getting better in life.”

I think we had a meaningful conversation in this thread :slight_smile: