In the full excerpt of the QOTD, truth is equated with fulfillment.

"When you speak of a path to truth, it implies that truth, this living reality, is not in the present, but somewhere in the distance, somewhere in the future. Now to me, truth is fulfillment, and to fulfillment there can be no path. "

Can we create more clarity around that happening? What do we mean by that?

There is the fulfillment of desire, which is clearly not meant here.

The fulfillment in the performance of a profession or function Canā€™t be it either, right?Actorā€¦Priestā€¦Imamā€¦Presidentā€¦etc.

So, what is meant by this?

In this quote the best definition of ā€œfulfillmentā€ is probably : execute fully, actualise the full potential.

Truth is not a thing that is produced through effort, not something that is created - fulfillment of the truth simply means : honestly see and accept what is, what you are (being, doing) fully, no ifs and buts.

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Fulfillmentā€¦ end of time.

The end of time is emptiness, the stopped clock, silenceā€¦