In 1985, on an occasion, a seemingly desperate Scott Forbes and Mary Zimbalist were trying to corner K about his legacy. The desperation is understandable as everyone realized K wasn’t going to be around for too long on account of his advanced age.By legacy they meant the teachings, the centers, and the foundations as a place for serious people to gather and partake.

In that discussion he was very clear about screening out a certain kind of person. Evidently he felt the neurotic should be screened. Clearly he wasn’t alluding to a medical diagnosis but rather to the evidenced conduct of the person. Which makes sense. Un-diagnosed or under-diagnosed fruitcakes can be just as nutty if not more, than the diagnosed ones.

So what it is about fruitcakes that makes even someone as egalitarian as K stress on a screening. After all there is evidence of K admonishing his organizers when they tried to stop a fruitcake (by reasonable assumption), who had jumped on the stage during one of his talks and wanted to sit next to him.

A reasonable answer seems to suggest, he felt his teachings and his legacy will be lost on the crackbrained. They will most likely not receive the usefulness contained. Which makes sense.

Interestingly, he also, with his characteristic apologetic laugh, was including older people and those who tend to come to his legacy as " a hotel".

What is the main problem with nutcases? Or doddery old brains?

What problems arise by their existence; or presence? Are we talking about the emotional reactions they provoke in me? The mess they make?

In an asylum, or a grouping of mainly psychologically broken people, our duty is to listen to the screams of anguish and confusion, the audible or written ones, and also to allow awareness of our own reactions to those screams.

Most people leave - it does feel dangerous to hang around all the suffering and confusion - thats how we end up with silent people hiding in their homes, and public spaces full of screaming people.

Abandon all hope you who enter here?

Another problem seems to be that we have difficulties identifying nutters. Am I a nutter? are you? Take Trump, although he looks like a nutter to me, at least half the US voters think he would make a wonderful representative for the human race - and of the other half (the Democrats) most are probably voting against him for tribal reasons.

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A question you’re directing at K I suppose? You must be new to his work then. Just 30 min of his talks should be educational and answer your question. Your time will be well spent.

Or, one may ask the question to oneself. Unless you have been reared by a species which is other than human, and have had no contact with humanity or society, then the demonstrable “problems” with “nutcases” should easily answer itself.

In interest of completing the OP i should add, K also seemed to suggest screening drug users. So two kinds of people.

The situation we are facing when we participate on the forum here at kinfonet has been on my mind somewhat - I thought that might be what you also were attempting to address.

if so - maybe you are suggesting that some kind of screening process might be useful?

Am I at all in the right ballpark?

( 20 characters limit) No.


Is this your own observation? If not what is your source? To corner K. Is a serious accusation.

So you see @macdougdoug , one of the signs of a fruitcake is of someone who gets their priorities mixed up. Instead of seeing what’s really serious they will in their desperate rabid zeal focus on the non-serious. It doesn’t take much intelligence to identify the nutters.Usually evidence speaks for itself.

Thank you for modeling “fruit cake” for us, Sam71.

How could i have done it with your support? I was keeping my fingers crossed someone like you would join in. Whether they call themselves C, B, or A, doesn’t matter. After all its just a different name for the same feather. You’re my inspiration. Thank you.

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You see now dougji? I suppose when an engineer is good the template comes stumbling and shows itself. I guess its part of the “listening” you were talking about.

I think its odd to revel in your idea that most people won’t make use of it and you do. Is this not another self centered activity, glorifying myself for understanding, making a pedestal over the…?

Here a poster was having problems understanding you. So am I. You will need to explain what is it you’re trying to say in your odd post. I think you may be twisted with some self-generated self-centered oddity or some kind of language oddity.

I think its odd to revel in your idea that most people won’t make use of it and you do
Once you explain this then we will look into your other sentence.

FTR, again, there are problems in the quoting feature. The posts are editing themselves when one quotes

@inthe_pine JI

You have posted on other threads while a request for clarification is pending on this one. If your post is another example of how a fruitcake would attempt a hit and run, sure we can leave it as it is.

Aside from the characteristics of fruitcakes examined thus far, perhaps incoherent hooey is one of the better known characteristics commonly attributed to fruitcakes. If that’s you, and you and you wish to leave it as it is, we can do that as well.

But since you’ve been following me around on reddit trying the same things you’re trying now, in spite of being asked by moderators not to, I thought maybe you will appreciate me giving you a chance which you so desperately seek? Yes? No? I could post some reddit links here as evidence to substantiate what I am saying, but hey, that will just be an overkill.It may also expose your character/practices. However i don’t think it is necessary and also my effort has more productive uses.

Since I am familiar with your limitations let me help you out on what you will need to clarify, so we can proceed with our examination of your post. I am assuming you would like to know the truth, yes?

Regarding your first sentence :

You will need to clarify the following:

Make use of what? Point to where you see the reveling. Point to where one has asserted this alleged superiority you are accusing.

Regarding the second sentence/question:

Well, i am not interested in educating you about the nature of the self or what self-centered means. Nor am i going to ask you to elaborate on what it means to you. It will just expose you even more.

However you will need to complete your sentence so i can understand you. A pedestal is a support for things, but you’re talking about me making a pedestal “over” something”. So you will need to clarify this. Then point me to where you see a self-glorification.

I thought I recognized the OP tone and style. The K world is only so large. I did not mean to follow you here, did not know for sure it was you until now but I was intrigued when you said kinfonet had some neat things happening. There are a few people here I appreciate reading. Some of the meetups advertized for zoom have been very illustrative too. So thanks for that.

Listen you can think what you like about who you like. As I said on reddit to me people “getting it wrong” is a travesty I feel responsibility and agency towards helping, not a sideshow for me to gawk at. Not because I understand it so well but because I feel we are all in it together. And because I’d seen how ego will seperate the haves and have nots and then have a field day.

You can see people getting it wrong online constantly, trying to repeat K, not understanding a lick of it. You can post some links to me doing the same on reddit I’m sure, somewhere in my internet history. You can laugh if you like, call names, remind people of their faults. Or if you really see you can teach, help drive out that darkness can’t you? Perhaps this is what you are doing, and I from my perspective can’t see that. Or perhaps this is an opportunity to distinquish yourself.

Maybe K did think he was mostly wasting his time, I doubt it. In the dissolution speech he said if only 5 understand him that would be great. He meant his work to last for 1000 years and there are already 8b people on earth. So for everyone but those 5, only our ridicule can be offered?

Sir, for the record we have never discussed Kinfonet (will apreciate if you don’t lie or make up things) nor am i a part of the things that goes one here. Thank God. The people here also identify me by my “tone”. I am here after couple of years to get my dose of fun.Just like my friends go to your sub to get theirs, and give you guys a reality check.

Now let’ts come back to the matter at hand. Are you going to clarify your post or shall we leave it be? We can certainly accept you falling under the two options i began with.

Also no, i never said you “followed me here”. I only registered couple of weeks ago and will be “banned” soon as you can see from how my posts are getting deleted/moderated, yet nothing happens to the ones that do need to be moderated. You were here before me. What i meant is, you posted your usual, being fully aware it is me. Jagan even had a funny thread about fruitcakes on reddit.

Moving on, it seems another characteristic of fruitcakes is their inability to distinguish between facts and fiction. When facts distinguish one thing/or person from another by certain reasonably accepted measure/s, only a fruitcake will whine about inequality.

They do have the right to keep whining and take it to their grave, if they so choose, however, when superiority is a matter of fact supported by evidence, by observable facts, a fruitcake’s skewed or lack of perception isn’t going to change what-is. If you are not the equal of someone else, hey, you are simply not an equal!. Deal with it. inequality is the fabric observable human existence.

Guess that takes care of the elephant in the room. :slightly_smiling_face:

So you have made it clear that your sole purpose is, or was, to demonstrate that freedom of speech does not mean just throwing nonsense around. Well, that’s nothing new under the sun.

The only solution is to ignore, and exclusion is a low-energy solution to that.
But I’m sure you’ll find another solution to exclusion with a new pseudonym.

As persistent as thought disturbs silence!