Freedom from offence

The offensive can set the offended free from offence. Remembering that sticks and stones can break my bones,but words they can not hurt me.

Hi John!

Their words can set us free from offence, at the “moment” we realize that we are the one who is reacting to their words. Would that be an accurate understanding of what you’ve offered?

Is this then something that we need to see every time, in every situation? Is it a “seeing” that we need to practice? I completely agree with what you said, but also from my own experience, I found myself trying to perfect my reactions, my control over myself.

I feel like, words only hurt me when there is an idea of myself to hurt. I feel that, once a fact really “sinks in”, then there is no need to remember it.

So my question would be: What could impact us so strongly, that I need never again guard myself from someone else’s ideas?

The responsibility for being offended lies with the offended,not the offender.
What is it that is offended? Can a figment of imagination be offended unless it wants to be. I am offended therefore I am perhaps.
Imagine no need for legislation to prevent offence as there is nothing that can e offended. No need either to be offensive to defend against offence.

But words do hurt. They wouldn’t be used offensively if they didn’t.

True but words lead to sticks and stones…and fists and guns.

The offender also has a responsibility to not be offensive. The Bully in the classroom is disruptive. The offender in a forum ‘poisons the well’. That’s the reason for rules.

If I remember a mantra like “sticks and stones…” does that deny the feeling and possible ‘blossoming’ of staying with the hurt that comes with being insulted?

Please please offend me,then I can see the source of offence. Then there can be freedom from offence.

If it is seen that I am both the offended and the offender, accepting responsibility for offence. To be offended or not is a choice only I can make. It is only because i can be offended that I am offensive. Is that which can be offended avoidable?