Freedom from Being Human

Does K wants to change the nature of Idealism people follow from “Nationalism/Religions/etc.” to “Humanism”, differentiating oneself from all living and non-living beings with the ideology of “Humanity and Responsibility”?

Can one be free from being responsible from all actions happen in this world?

If Humanity goes extinct, let it be. Why we “have” to “preserve” survival of Humans?. It doesn’t mean “I contribute to extinction”. But totally stepping aside from “contribution to destruction”, also not being responsible for all actions, and have no cravings to “Change Humans”. Why “Urgency of Change”?

Why I am very much addicted to Humanity? One day, like the Mother Earth will meet the end of all planets, the Humanity too will meet their extinction and all other species too. So, why I am very much attached to Humanity? To live peacefully? Is Peace bound to “Only Humans”?

I see Beauty in Animal, Plant and many species and non-living things, you and K too see this. If one watches carefully, they (All living other than Humans) too have conflict/fight/war/destruction between them. If we want to change Humanity, then it means “My LOVE/Compassion is bound to Humans Only”. Is this Love? Does Love/Compassion means “Changing them from what they seek and make them peaceful”?

Does K very much caught in an idea of “Being Human”, by wrongly identifying as “I am Humanity and I must respond to it and not remain in caves/forests/mountains. I am responsible for each and every thoughts in humans, and respond choicelessly to bring change”?. Does Humans should change? Why not let them be what they are, let them seek what they want? If it goes like this, let Humans destruct themselves. Let Humanity die. (Actually, it’s good for Plants and Birds and Animal Kingdom and for Mother Earth). There will be another planet, another evolution, another set of species, maybe another humans. So, why I am much clinging to preserve Life? Let me die if it happens so. What I will achieve by preserving/securing life? Knowledge? Experiences? Will there be an end for seeking experiences in this expanding Universe? Beauty? Am I very much clinging to Beauty I perceive from Life experiences, and not “Now” or “The other”, and so don’t want to die if it happens?. Preserve Humans from conflict so that I can live peacefully?

If the House burns, let it burn. I don’t contribute it for Burning, and have no responsibility to preserve it too. The one who burns it derives pleasure from burning it. The one who very much attached to the House, suffer of it’s Burning but not be free from it or step aside from the burning. If one wants me to contribute a helping hand to put of burning, then let me do it without “Any attachment to make it beautiful again”, just for a need of help. Why very much attached to the House? It must go through destruction one day. What I will do if nature does the destruction? Change the Nature? If the planet after thousands/million years, start to become like Sun, where no species can live, and everything dies day by day, what I will do then? Change the Planet? What if I don’t find any planet to live and prosper Humanity then? All my desires to live a Peaceful Beautiful Relationship with people - without any conflict/fight everlasting, the sacred life, will go unattainable? What if a big Earthquake and Tsunami comes or water level raise (without any inhumane acts - as a law of science of transformation of planet’s age) and destructs all humans and living species?

Can one be free from being Human?

Can one act without any need/urgency of action without any need of change, and let whatever happens, act without responsibility towards Humanity, not to preserve or destruction, but just act as a flow and not interest in whatever happens to that flow?

Can one be free from Everything?

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I suppose its like a Virus, evolving, to keep going. But it is said, not speaking as part of a clinical way of looking at life, there is a different way of life, not divisive, not violent, and the discovery is open to anyone. We may want to talk about it holistically, with vision, but it is essentially an ever present, integrated, responsibility, sitting at my door, and all the implications are the past, and what we believe life involves.

Ever present. Right. Understood.

But, why only Life? Why not Death? Not ready to face it? Wherever, there is life, Death is there too. If Peace is there in Life, then it is there in Destruction too, not conditional and ever present. So, why to restrict in only to Life?

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In Life, you have death, and all. Why to seek life if it has death? Why to escape from death, if Life has death? Why humans must put down division, if Peace is there in Division too, whatever the act may be, Peace is there always? What if, One can remain peaceful even in Destruction, like one have an idea of “Better living with peace in ‘non-divisive’ life”?

We live in the division of Humans and Animals and Birds and etc., There is this division in Life ever. Without division, there is no Life. Will I go near a Hungry Lion? Will I try to make it understand that “Oh. We can live a non-divisive life. You don’t eat me. Non-violent life we can live”? Will it hear my words? What I will do at that time? Protect my life by running? Let it eat my flesh as I’m not interested in life?.

In it’s Hungry, I cannot make it understand. In Hunger, Division Happens, this is Life, no one can escape it in living life. If there is no Hunger/desires, then it might be possible, but Hunger/desires will arise every time. This is Living Beings. This is Life. Then, why I expect Humans must hear this and change? Why not leave them like those as Hungry animals, and step aside from them? They won’t hear me as they are Hungry, and Hunger for Control/power won’t go away in Humanity/Living Beings ever. Lion won’t leave another Lion to take the power of the creed, and fight for it. And so, Trees which have long roots fight for water and control others too. This is Life. Control will be there within one’s hands no matter whatever the beings are. Why not step aside from that Controlling person, and remain peaceful whomever or whatever happens to control world for power, and act if someone needs help without trying to change them or without a desire to make a peaceful world?

No desire for ‘non-divisive life’ - as life is divisive (without division there is no life - it’s history - and all “Non-divisive-Non-violent Humanity/life is all a speculation which never happens”), and remain peaceful in destruction as much as in life.

In death I have life. That is what we call it.

Making comparisons in what we know about the world is knowledge, not freedom.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts @always_free_viswas

K is dead and does not want anything anymore. On the otherhand, he invited us to question all authorities, including himself.

That is what most people are telling themselves, so it is clearly possible. But of course as you imply, actually seeing human action is my action.

Life is change. Yet we spend our lives in controlling and limiting any change possible. The urgency implies suddenness which happens without time. Change is life. Hence to be alive is to change. It is urgency to be alive, because we are part of this existence.

Have you watched carefully? Do animals get envy? Do they revenge? Do they compare? Do they sulk and suffer about their fate or destiny? Are they escaping their loneliness, the urgency of change? Animals do not go to war because of history or destroy for fun or fight for their honor. Right?

The wanting is not human, it is only thinking. Humans are not their thoughts. The thoughts are destroying everyone else in protecting themselves. There is no letting humanity die, only seeing what human being is. If we fail to see this, we keep suffering.

Yes by finding out what human being means.

That is the work we take on in our own life. Do I need a center? Do I need to become? Do I need to want? Do I need isolate myself? Do I need to stop doing? … there are no answers or conclusions