Fleeting Thoughts

Fleeting thoughts escape my net
Lumbering thoughts are all I get

I’m so fed up with being me
I could tie myself to a Pepper Tree

“But wait”, you say
“That’s not the way!”

“How do you know?
Are you aglow?”

Who’s in charge?
Which way is right?

If you must be told
Sweet dreams
And Good Night

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I feel like a fisherman, out at sea
On who we all depend for our bounty

The joy and the suffering of the world
depends on this poor fool
How can he be expected to keep his cool?

If I really believed that everything depended on me
Would I be willing to do whats necessary?

And what would that be?
Flee, fight, self-flagellate?

Or just watch the net as it flies through the air
sparkling with salty droplets
and stinking of fish


IF, what is going on here on Earth is an energy ‘force field’. With forces coming in and forces going out…then if that is so, you can see why becoming ‘attached’ to anything is a mistake because in such a force field of energy, there is no such thing as ‘attachment’…awareness, evolution, intermingling, sex, absorption, excretion, procreation, etc , yes…but no attachment more than the leaf’s to the tree. No ‘death’ either…so lighten up!